Firefighting: Emergency Support Functions

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Firefighting is one of fifteen main Emergency Support Functions (ESF) established by the government to organize the response structure for any type of emergency or disaster. These functions break down the response by the aspect of protection covered but, all have the end result of “providing support, resources, program implementation, and services that are most likely needed to save lives, protect property and the environment, restore essential services and critical infrastructure, and help victims and communities return to normal following domestic incidents” (Public Health Emergency, 2015). ESF #4 encompasses all aspects of firefighting but is more focused on larger scale types of emergencies requiring a Federal firefighting response. Fire …show more content…
The common response vehicle with nearly all fire departments is a pump truck, or fire engine. During emergencies, there may be a need for additional types of vehicles. Taller buildings, such as three or more story building may require the use of an extendable reach ladder truck while acres of farmland may require the need for an off-road brush fire truck. If there is an active rail service within the community, a need for an additional fire station covering both sides of the railroad. There is a possibility the emergency may be via a train derailment, or simply on the other side of the tracks when a train is passing. The same is said for bridges. If there is a bridge within the community, the emergency may happen while the bridge is open or destroyed. A worst-case scenario is a need for an aerial attack by air tanker or helicopter. In rural areas where water may become more difficult to bring to the source of the fire, the need for several specialized water tankers would aid with shuttling water. On larger scale events such as out of control wildfires, there may be a need for aerial delivery of fire retardants. Wildfires quickly grow out of control and call for timely and repeated drops. Another technique to fighting multiple fires is through the use of creating firebreaks and back burning a wide enough burnt piece of land to prevent the extensive spread of the

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