Informative Essay On Firefighting Technology

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My topic is about on fire prevention and on how firefighting technology could serve better on preventing and predicting future fires that can cause harm to the surrounding area. This topic is very important because not only it involves safety to people, but also structures. Saving lives when a fire occurs is the main priority for a firefighter, but also the occurring fire that is taking place in hand is also a priority because we do not want that fire to spread and cause more damage and even take potential lives. Also, keeping buildings save from fire is an important issue because so many people work in them such as offices, skyscrapers, and restaurants. By law buildings need to be fire safe and fire preventable, there are certain codes to …show more content…
For example, remote sensing is used for forest fire detection, it observes were fires potentially happened / occurred and detect on were future fires can happen According to Miettinen “Two fundamentally different approaches can be used to estimate the occurrence and effects of fires: active fire detection and burnt area mapping” (4345, 2013). While using remote sensors they are able to detect hotspots for active fire detection. Using the sensors firefighters are able to prepare for potential fires and have evacuation plans for any nearby population if a potential forest fire does occur. Another reason why it is important for the fire service to have technology is to assure safety. Well, by them having there technology they are able to assist and help citizen form harm or potential harm. Firefighters using there technology insures better safety for the population by having fire prevention plans and also suppression. Insuring the safety of citizens the fire departments need these technologies to help the population and analyze every potential area that can cause harm, the duty of a firefighters is to protect live and property and it would be difficult if they do not have the available resources to do

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