Why Marines Are The Best

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For the past two centuries the Marines have made themselves an important part of the US military. Marines expect higher standards always being in shape and having a bond with other Marines making them family. The Marines have the dedication and motivation to push themselves past their own limits. This is what makes the marines different than the other military branches. Being a Marine is a serious life time commitment, those who earn the title of being a Marine are expected to act in a manner proper of a Marine at all times.
Marines are the best of the best because we make ourselves believe we are the best of the best. We are taught from day one that we will be the best, and we strive for it. Thats what makes us different because we are mentally different. We are taught to be ten feet tall and bulletproof. Our ego is what makes us the best. No other service has as much camaraderie as the Marines. “At all times focused, alert and in control, Marines are strategic warriors with training, judgment and character our entire nation can depend on.” (MarineCorps)
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On November 10th, 1775 a legacy was born. 234 Marines sailed with the Navy on a mission to capture the supply the british had for the first amphibious raid.The Marine Corps have had a name for themselves since the revolutionary times. Like the Marines dress blue uniform is known, has been since origins dating as far back as the revolutionary time. In 1776, Marines wore green jackets with a high leather collar to protect against close-combat attacks. In 1798, the jacket changed to blue to represent the Corps naval tradition. In 1841, Marines began wearing a dark blue jacket and light blue trousers. The high collar remains still on today's uniform and has the nickname

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