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The military is a standard in itself and every branch of the military has a structure. This organization is only as strong as the people who form this structure. Each of these people all abide by standards, which were formed to keep this Army structurally sound. Every individual is already programed with moral values, the Army just relies on soldiers to bring these standards forward. While it is important to have principles of our own, the Army has values it follows, and we must enforce and maintain the standards set forth to sustain the Army.
Every person and every soldier, not just in the Army but in the whole military, has standards. When a person goes home the first thing they expect is to come home to a clean home. This is a standard set forth by the person themselves. When a person goes to their job, for example warehousing, that person is expected to complete a certain volume of freight. This is because
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From staying clean shaven to having graders that don’t bend the rules so a student can pass to get into a school. For example if a soldier was to walk into morning formation with his flag hanging down, his name tape crooked, and his hair not in regulation, guarantee that soldier will be corrected very quickly by his peers, not because he needed to be fixed but because his peers have set standards and are “to a T” with their standards. The Army is the same way with the standards that are put forth so the soldier doesn’t just look nice because he shaves every day but so the Army is something to be proud of. The standards are the same thing everyone already has but just tweaked or improved so that it looks good for those who appreciate what we do. The standards also give soldiers guidelines to follow so when doing a proper PMCS on a vehicle, so the vehicle doesn’t fall apart while during the mission because a soldier just signed the PMCS sheet that the vehicle had no

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