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  • Sfc Fontanez Leadership Analysis

    SFC Juan Fontanez’s legacy was the impact he left on his Soldiers. He has been one of the most influential leaders in my military career. SFC Fontanez was my Platoon Sergeant during my third deployment to Iraq. During this deployment, I filled the role of Squad Leader in a Combat Engineer Platoon, performing route clearance operations in and out of Sadr City. SFC Fontanez taught me the importance of leading from the front, setting the example, and establishing a high level of trust within your…

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  • Analysis Of COD: Black Ops Symbols

    According to Saussure, a sign is a combination of a sound-image or “signifier” and concept or “signified”. One key concept in understanding semiotics is that the relationship between the signifier and the signified is always arbitrary. But since there is no logical connection between a word and a concept, the meanings that signifiers posses must somehow be learned. This implies that there are certain “codes” that evolve within a society or culture, which help individuals generate meaning from…

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  • The Importance Of The Noncommissioned Officer

    Since Noncommissioned Officers swear an oath of obedience to lawful orders of Commissioned Officers appointed above them. The Noncommissioned Officer is my favorite form of a leader because I fulfilled this leadership role during my military service; it was the most difficult yet rewarding role one could endure. Soldiers and leaders of all ranks consistently pursue Noncommissioned Officers due to their technical and tactical proficiencies; they are members…

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  • Marine Corps Experience Essay

    my second Navy and Marine Corp Achievement Medal by the Commanding Officer of MWSS-372, For performing my responsibilities above and beyond the call of duty of a Sergeant ;for assuming the role of the Remaining Behind Element Supply and Maintenance Chief at Viper Camp ,Kuwait, during OIF/OEF-I.I awarded my third Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal as a Sergeant , after performing my duties as the Maintenance Management Officer for two sister…

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  • Rules Of Engagement: The Ethical Dilemma Of Lone Survivor

    Mission Success versus Rules of Engagement: The Ethical Dilemma of Lone Survivor Individuals at all echelons eventually face a situation where the solution is not entirely black and white. During day to day operations, the results of these moral gray area problems typically have no significant lasting effect. It is during wartime operations that soldiers are faced with ethical dilemmas that may lead them to give their own lives. Marcus Luttrell, along with his team of three other Navy SEALs,…

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  • Commander's Intent Analysis

    MG Natonski provide a clear Commander’s Intent by keeping his simple and nested with the higher headquarters’ intent. MG Natonski understood LTG Sattler’s mission statement and his role in achieving it. LTG Sattler’s mission to MG Natonski was: “…attack to destroy anti-Iraqi forces"4 He clearly and concisely explained what this means to 1 MAR DIV and his Joint Task Force in three elements. “1) Eliminate insurgent sanctuary, 2) Set the conditions for local control, and 3) Support MNF-I effort to…

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  • Administrative Reprimand

    pick me up, and also to check on the soldier without me physically going there in my impaired state. I understand the magnitude of this offense and it is completely in violation of our Army standards, and even more so unbecoming of a Noncommissioned Officer. 4. Since the incident I have been counseled for my actions. I have been flagged for suspension of favorable action. I have also enrolled into the Army Substance Abuse Program for further education to not only rehabilitate myself, but give…

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  • Essay On Army Values

    Introduction The US Army is a profession in the sense that its members proficiently protect, serve, and defend the people, our domain, and uphold the traditions and values of the Army well beyond war. Men and woman of this great nation are shaped into professional warriors trained and entrusted to support and defend the Constitution. The white paper describes a professional as one who develops expertise over time through extensive institutional training, knowledge, and expanding practices.…

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  • Army Profession Of Arms Essay

    The U.S. Army had been under a magnifying glass since the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. As a result, the Secretary of the Army and the Army Chief of Staff gave directives that the Commanding General of the Training and Doctrine Command lead a review of the Army as a profession from changes that had taken place since the beginning of the wars. The Army as a Profession of Arms is still not defined concretely. My perception of the Army as a Profession of Arms is that we are citizens,…

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  • Hr's Role In The Army Professions

    The importance of the Human Resources (HR) Sergeant in regards to the Profession of Arms is prevalent throughout the Army. This essay will discuss what it means to be a profession, how leaders balance the profession’s role, the Army professional culture, and the HR Sergeant’s role within the Army profession. A profession is a form of work that is considered irreplaceable and takes years of practice to be mastered (The Profession of Arms, 2010). Simply put, a profession is what you do for a…

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