Non-native pronunciations of English

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  • Summary: Testimony Before Doyle Elementary School

    TRADITIONAL ELD CLASSROOMS AT DOYLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL: INTIMIDATING, UNSUFICIENT AND FEEBLE FOR NON-NATIVE SPEAKERS OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT Testimony before Doyle Elementary School Board of Directors by Carolina Rostworowski Stocco, mother, volunteer, teacher, and student November 12th, 2014 Ms. Taylor and Ms. Wood: My name is Carolina Rostworowski Stocco. I am a mother of two non-native English speakers who are students of your school: Isabella Rostworowski Stocco, currently attending 4th Grade, and Beatriz Rostworowski Stocco, enrolled in 1st Grade. As a mother, student, English learner and educator, I would like to advocate for the implementation of cooperative learning in the ELD (English Language Development) classrooms…

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  • Ineffectiveness Of English Language Essay

    ineffectiveness of English language learning as implemented in English medium schools. I believe that by adapting multi skill approaches and communicative approach effectively in Differentiated Instruction, the English language could be learned without any stress. These methods will motivate the student to improve their four skills, enhance their knowledge and build confidence in them. These approaches will be a valuable guidance and an excellent activity to the learner. Problems faced. Shortage…

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  • Importance Of English Essay

    internationally. English is today the biggest global language with more non-native speakers than native speakers. Because of all these different countries speaking English there are many varieties, such as British, Australian, South African, American. The English Language is constantly changing. Around the 1600 century the English language as we know it today was created. Before that the Anglo-Saxon, Old Norse, French and Latin contributed to shape the English language. In the medieval times…

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  • Importance Of Lice Or Rice And The Accent

    As she looked at her host mother she quickly realized that she was trying to say rice and not lice! This was my first experience many years ago with accents. This is when I realized how important accents are. What is an accent? The Oxford Advanced Learner 's Dictionary defines accents as a distinctive mode of pronunciation of a language, especially one associated with a particular nation, locality, or social class. Basically, it is the way you speak. A person will have an accent when they use…

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  • Sandra Lee Mckay's English As An International Language

    modern world, English can take many different forms. Through the process of globalization, English has become a more popular language than ever. In the article, “English as an International Language” by Sandra Lee McKAY, this topic is discussed at length. As the article shows, with English’s popularity comes an ever-growing demand for English Language abilities. This expansion has taken many forms and has both positive and negative effects on English Language Learners. According to the article,…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Development Of Literacy Skills

    across. Students come across various complex learning resources that are different in language as well as structure, which requires one to be literate to understand. Proper understanding of English language is critical for one to be considered literate because it is the language that is mostly spoken in the world (Barone, Mallette, and Xhu 50). As an intermediate student, I have undergone through the process of literacy development, particularly in English language. I went through a number of…

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  • Quirk Vs. Kachru Analysis

    Randolph Quirk, wanted to unify English variations by selecting a standard that would be used by users of English worldwide. Quirk encouraged native and non-native speakers to acquire and use the standard British English. He wanted to globalize the British standard because the rest of the English varieties are, according to him "neither liberal nor liberating to permit learners to settle for lower standards than the best." (9) The monocentric school's aim was to preserve the English…

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  • Hull Dialect Analysis

    Description and Analysis of some features of the Hull accent and dialect and how these features differ from Standard English I. Introduction When foreign learners come to the UK at the first time, they are usually surprised to discover that the native speakers seem to speak faster than expected and be different in many ways from the English the foreign learners have learned. It is possibly differences of pronunciation that will directly shock them, foreign learners may also pay attention to…

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  • Bulgarian Language Analysis

    the other hand, American English contains of fifteen vowels and twenty-four consonant phonemes. The contrast between the numbers of vowels in those two quite distinctive languages is not the only dissimilarity. The main problem is the difference between the types of vowels that exist in both phonetic systems. American English consist of lax and tense vowels, while Bulgarian language consists only of lax ones. The distinction between lax and tense vowels is technical and consists mainly in the…

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  • Spanish English Language Research

    SLPs. Especially in densely populated cities, Spanish-English bilingual children are struggling academically. If the Hispanic population continues to grow, it can be assumed that SLPs will have a heavy workload in this specific area. They will be dealing with pronunciation differences…

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