Importance Of English Essay

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Global language does not have an official definition, but it is essentially a language, which is learned and spoken internationally. English is today the biggest global language with more non-native speakers than native speakers. Because of all these different countries speaking English there are many varieties, such as British, Australian, South African, American. The English Language is constantly changing.

Around the 1600 century the English language as we know it today was created. Before that the Anglo-Saxon, Old Norse, French and Latin contributed to shape the English language. In the medieval times they began to write down their language and standardize it. The British Empire is the cause of why so many countries speak English today. England was one of the first countries to colonize all around the world. The USA, Australia and the world famous belt called Cape to Cairo were all under the British Empire. Famous explorers such
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The British Empire was powerful under the colonization. They had a good military, politic and economy. Today it is the USA, which has most of the power, their politics is world known, their economy is strong and their military is considered one of the best. The USA is today the world police with much power. That is the reason why people use English as a way to communicate every day. The English language is the biggest lingua franca in the world. Today there are 56 countries in the world that has English as one of the Official languages. Even so, there are more non-native speakers than native speakers. People all over the world are learning English because of how much power the English language has. In Norway, the children begin to learn English in first grade and that continues to the 11th grade. After that, it is a choice to learn English. The youth in Norway read or speak English every day. Many write English on social media as a way to reach more

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