Sandra Lee Mckay's English As An International Language

In today’s modern world, English can take many different forms. Through the process of globalization, English has become a more popular language than ever. In the article, “English as an International Language” by Sandra Lee McKAY, this topic is discussed at length. As the article shows, with English’s popularity comes an ever-growing demand for English Language abilities. This expansion has taken many forms and has both positive and negative effects on English Language Learners.
According to the article, English today consists of three major circles of use including native speakers, non-native speakers who have learned English as a second language, and non-native speakers who only use English as a foreign language in restricted settings. These three circles are known as the inner, outer, and expanding circles of English within the filed of Linguistics. The inner circle would include the USA. The outer circle would include India. The expanding circle would
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There is typically an irregular tag use, for example adding “no?” at the end of a sentence when it is not needed. There also tends to be a redundant use of prepositions. Again, this usually would not cause serious misunderstanding during communication. It is important to note that the article goes on to explain that most misunderstandings are due to pronunciation mistakes and differences. This could be due to the fact that people might typically learn English at the same rate, regardless of country. Meaning that a beginner English class in China and in Russia would probably cover similar words and sentences structures, but the pronunciation of these words would be drastically different between a native speaker of Russian and a native speaker of Mandarin. Because of this, the article explains that one of the focuses of an ELF classroom should be carful pronunciation of frequently mispronounced vowel and consonant

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