Effects Of English As An International Language

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In today’s modern world, English can take many different forms. Through the process of globalization, English has become a more popular language than ever. In the article, “English as an International Language” by Sandra Lee McKAY, this topic is discussed at length. As the article shows, with English’s popularity comes an ever-growing demand for English Language abilities. This expansion has taken many forms and has both positive and negative effects on English Language Learners.
According to the article, English today consists of three major circles of use including native speakers, non-native speakers who have learned English as a second language, and non-native speakers who only use English as a foreign language in restricted settings.
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One example of this given in the article is that of Japan. Although Japan has immigrants from many other linguistic backgrounds including Mandarin and Vietnamese, students most often learn English in school because it is seen as a more international language. As the book points out, this means that if a Vietnamese immigrant does not understand something that the teacher is saying, the teacher is more likely to try to explain in English than anything else because they would assume the students knew some English. Although it might seem obvious that learning one of the local immigrant languages would be more immediately beneficial, English is seen as a language that will bring future success. Sadly, this often means that local immigrant and minority native languages are not given space within the educational system of most …show more content…
Often, because of the emphasis on native speaking examples, students fear that their English is not good enough and that native speakers will mock them. Therefore, they are often much more comfortable speaking to other non-native speakers. This is easily observable in many classrooms in the United States today. Even when a student 's English is excellent, they may still become extremely nervous when speaking to a class with predominately native English

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