Analysis Of Differentiated Instruction For English Language Learners

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The article Differentiated Instruction for English Language Learners: Strategies for the Secondary English Teacher would like to introduce the main methods of differentiated instruction for English Language Learners (ELL). The author, Laura Becher (2011), hoped this article provide useful methods for the English Secondary Language (ESL) learners and English instructors through models and data. Whereas the population of ELLs is increasing and their personal information is diverse, the teachers should ensure differentiation strategies to appropriate for their learners. Therefore, Becher (2011) listed seven methods for differentiating literacy instruction as a whole.
Seven methods have a significant impact on the improvement of ELLs’ English
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In the Sheltered Instruction, the famous techniques include Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) and the Cognitive Academic Language Learning Approach (CALLA). Sheltered Instruction wants to use the sheltering techniques to help teachers provide the knowledge for the ELLs to access to the academic learning. It also can instruct the English language skills, conversation, textual, task and environment decisions. According to change speaking speed, complexity and grammar let the learners’ input more information. In fact, the teachers can rely on repeat same words, use gestures and visual to strengthen the learners’ comprehension and memory. It named discourse adaptation. The next method is scaffolding students’ activities. Based on the learners’ background, matches the keywords, pictures or sentences teach them how to independent work. When they finish, they can summarize and review the key learning points. Another method is called cultural responsiveness. Connecting to learners’ cultural background, using their home languages, but avoid using textbooks to provide their reading skills. As the print modifications, this method is like a social studies class. Learners can rewrite the article to practice writing and allows teachers to add picture and illustrate the text. There has another method called developing reading skills. Focus on select “just right” books to improve the learners reading level. Various learners have many kinds of learning methods, so they have different levels. Setting the stage for language production is the method which needs individual study. Then get the learners together to have a discussion. It can promote their language learning even if they have grade differential. Choosing a right method for different students is another Challenge of differentiated instruction. According to Becher (2011) explains, the whole seven methods for making the readers understand the main

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