Critical Analysis Of A Second Language By Amy Tan

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Tan was a language lover, she enjoyed writing about things that readers can be able to visualize. She would give speeches about her writing and life. Tan uses two different English’s she uses one on a daily basis and the other one when she is around her mother. Her mother understands some English words, but not many. Tan and her mother’s first language is not English. It was very hard for Tan to become a writer. She received a lot of criticism about her writing. It was also hard for her to write in a language that she didn’t grow up with.
In my summary response essay I am going to write about how I was not a good student during middle school. Being in middle school was a big struggle for me I didn’t understand many things. All my math courses
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Math course was never one of the subjects I enjoyed. My whole family is good in math they can make equations in their head and say the answer within second. I was the whole opposite I’ve always needed a calculator in order for me to get an equation right, or write it down on a piece of paper to get the correct answer. My family thought I was not going to make it through middle school because I’d had never been good in math. I was always a C student in that course as much as I’d work hard to be able to get a reasonable grade in my class I’d still end up with a C. Even if they made fun of me at home because I was not a smart child as my other brothers I pushed myself to do …show more content…
We would see each other as sisters not like student and teacher. My teacher had so much patience with me she never gave up on me. Sometimes I’d cry from frustration because I didn’t understand how to do the problems. She motivated me by telling me the good things in my work the good process I had made through time. Over time she made math look easy, and not confusing for me not be able to understand the math concepts. My teacher taught me a much better and easier way for me to get excellent grades in my assignments. She never gave me the answer to the problem she would give me examples on how to do it, and from there I would work on my

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