A Career In High School

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When one thinks about high school teenagers, "perfect" is probably one of the last words that come to mind, and not without good reason. We aren 't always the wisest people on the planet and lack in some areas more than others. I can easily say so for myself, and yes, although I am ashamed of not being able to keep up with certain subjects as well as others, I search for ways to keep myself going and overcome any difficulty in said areas, in my case, math and history.

I remember back in middle school, I had the more "lax" history teachers, and I quite enjoyed it. There wasn 't much work, tests were open-note, and there were plenty of extra credit opportunities, so I passed both years with ease, despite me not fully understanding the subject. It was just good notes and occasional memorization, but hey, what more could a middle schooler want than a good grade and seeming understanding of the subject?

Of course, this would not be helpful in the future. When I began to take AP European History my sophomore year in high school, I started off alright, being easy enough in the beginning, like most classes. Once the second month started rolling around, however, I was so completely lost, and my A plus in the class plummeted to a solid C, and I was terrified.

Of course, not being satisfied with mediocrity, I studied the best
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This involved math in more real world scenarios, except that there was really no notes on what we were supposed to be learning. In fact, most of my classmates and I had no idea what the concept for each unit was. Our teacher tried her best to explain, but really, it didn 't help much of our confusion. That semester, most of our grades were pretty pathetic. Sure, I passed with a B, but was I completely sure of everything I had "learned"? Not

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