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  • Nonprofit Organization: Non-Profit Organization (YMCA)

    YMCA? The YMCA is a non profit organization with the mission statement that “Every day, we work side-by-side with our neighbors to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.” (The Y). The YMCA also known as the “Y” has many different strengths that help the community thrive and grow together. The “Y” is in over 10,000 different neighborhoods around the nation with a goal to deliver a positive change. (The Y). The “Y” is a community-centered organization that brings people together by connection different types of people with different backgrounds and ethnicities. It also nurtures potential by believing that everyone should have the opportunity to learn, grow,…

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  • Internal Communication In Non-Profit Organizations

    Internal communication in non-profit organizations Many non-profit organizations are so focused on communicating with an external audience, such as volunteers, donors and the media, that they forget the importance of communication with its own staff (Bruner, 2011). Internal communication should be guided by clear policies and practices. The management of an organization should actively listen and respond respectfully to the employees that have something to say, and also encourage those who do…

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  • Impact Of Social Networking On Non-Profit Organizations

    Task 3 - Impact on Information System Strategy This section discusses the impact of social networking on nonprofit-making organizations and how social networking will impact on the planning of information systems. 3.1. Impact of social networking on non-profit organizations Social networking sites such as MySpace, Friendster and Facebook have become very popular, with membership reaching more than 200 million today. The popularity of these sites can be attributed to the freedom in allowing…

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  • Non-Profit Organizations: Nonprofits

    an altruistic mission. In order to achieve missions successfully, nonprofits have to ensure survival. Nonprofits continuously have to think of new tactics and ideas to survive, especially in the for-profit world. On the other hand, businesses focus on maximizing profit. The bottom line is to make money. But what if the businesses began focusing on social good as well? Competition just got harder for nonprofits. Businesses are beginning to take on the role of promoting social good. This raises…

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  • Benefits Of Non Profit Organizations

    EXECUTIVE SUMMURY Non profitable organizations are legal bodies that are formed with a special mission to support the most needed ones. The impact of non profit organization upon the society is huge and thus the management and leadership of non profit organization is an area of concern. The mission statements of most non-profits are mainly focused towards helping people or addressing a need that is not met through government or private sources. The non profits were forced to act more like…

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  • Non-Profit Organizations And Opportunities Analysis

    organizations pay exactly the expenses they need, there is not money for extra expenditures (Greechie, 2016). Precisely, funding is designed to cover staff salaries and the organization function costs. Still, managers face budget difficulties, when they need to invest in office supplies or equipment, since budget is too tight. Non-profit professionals concern about their jobs, specially, when it comes to small organizations. In fact, non-profit organizations are economically vulnerable, thus,…

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  • Nonprofit Organizations: A Non-Profit Analysis

    Non-profit organizations are a major contributor to social and economic well-being throughout the world. Where the creation of wealth for the owners are not the main goal, but rather the need to serve a social purpose while remaining financially sustainable (Moss, Short, Payne, & Lumpkin, 2010). McKeever and Pettijohn (2014) assert that the number of nonprofit organizations who registered from 2002 to 2012 with the IRS rose from 1.32 million to 1.44 million with an increase of 8.6%. These 1.44…

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  • Non-Profit Organization Analysis

    remember the lives of the Rwandan people who lost their lives during the months of April to July 1994, the proposal of a non profit organization for Rwandan survivors was created. The goal of the non profit organization is to bring peace and tranquility to survivors even after 20 years of the genocide. The audience which were American citizens were sought to help these survivors attain harmony by donating and gaining awareness of the genocide. To effectively portray the organization as a way of…

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  • Cpost: Non-Profit Organization

    1.Introduction Functions of the business Cpost can be viewed both as a non-profit organization and a profit organization. There are several arguments for both sides. Cpost is an non-profit organization because in the world we live in the need for delivery services is vital for consumer purposes. Nowadays barely anyone physically steps out to buy electronics or other kinds of products (e.g. cell phones, blenders, hair trimmers and people even have the option to buy motor vehicles online…

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  • Kaibosh: A Non-Profit Organization

    Part A: 1) All organisations share the common characteristics of structuring people in such a way as to have them optimally working together to achieve an end goal. At Kaibosh – a non-profit organisation - you see various forms of volunteers structured loosely together to assist management. Under guidance from authoritative figures at Kaibosh, these groups help with the rescue and sorting of surplus food, working to achieve Kaibosh’s goals of eliminating food waste and poverty. Similarly, at…

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