Benefits Of Non Profit Organizations

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Non profitable organizations are legal bodies that are formed with a special mission to support the most needed ones. The impact of non profit organization upon the society is huge and thus the management and leadership of non profit organization is an area of concern. The mission statements of most non-profits are mainly focused towards helping people or addressing a need that is not met through government or private sources. The non profits were forced to act more like profit businesses as the they grew largely and the matters relating to funds and its sources. The sources wants it more accountable thus it adopted the structure and strategy of profit organization. The accountability of the organization depends upon its
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It is important for strategic planners to be very careful as planning can be effective only if it is tailored to specific situation in which it is used. Strategic planning in non organization must focus on how to formulate and implement strategies in different situations indicate how to deal with plural, ambiguous and conflicting goals or objectives. It then focus on how collaboration and competition should be handled. These strategic plans helps governments, public agencies and non profit organizations as well as communities and functions, fulfil their missions and serve their stakeholders effectively, efficiently and …show more content…
Economists belived that they can explain the internal functioning of non profitable organization through ten basic principles of economics. Micro economical principles failed to explain the internal functioning of a non profitable organization. The sociological theories which suggest Non profit organizations may get involved in public mockery or private sector bodies in the pursuit of authority may sound more convincing to the normal public. However, the actual issue of agents within Non Profit Organizations is critical to our understanding of effect interference of organization and its effects on environment if focussed in sociological aspect. To explore further complexity of non profitable organizations along with all the above mentioned perspectives which continue to be studied in scholarly journals we detect a strong recent trend to focus on management. When considering management marketing part is givn more impotance. Marketing is regarded as a tool used in management studies as the major focus of Non Profit Organization research. This observation is substantiated not only by the volume of publication of research effort in this area, but also by the needs of NPOs as they seek to raise additional funds in the face of increased competition – from other NPOs principally – for

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