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  • Technology In Criminal Justice System Essay

    safe tool for an officer to use as it decreases the amount of physical contact an officer may have with a suspect (Butski, 2004), this is so the officer can temporarily impair a suspect without risking their own life by getting close while the suspect is not being cooperative and is being aggressive. In addition, the Taser is also considered less lethal and there is a decrease in use of firearm (Butski, 2004). And as a result of a less lethal weapon, this will increase the officer and civilian…

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  • Get Out Kid: A Short Story

    The ride to the police station was tense. Eli’s muscles had tightened and his sarcastic remarks had ceased. His hands were raw and sore from the cuffs digging in. His limbs folded in and his neck was stiff Being 6’4 in a police car was the farthest thing from comfortable. His mind became assaulted with an array of thoughts as he took a shy glance out the window and began to wonder if they were going to be his last look outside. The sound of Sgt. Juit hoarse voice dragged Eli out of thoughts…

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  • Media's Influence On Law Enforcement

    to our law enforcement cause the public to negatively view the police officers. It also keeps the public deceived and uneducated of the requirements of police officers when they serve the public. Due to the popularity of crime shows and over-exaggerated crime reporting that makes a story more interesting, the public believes that the most common role police officers take on is the crime fighter role. This is the truth, an officer is a crime fighter and works to fight crime in all aspects.…

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  • Non-Elective Police Shootings

    workings, police organization, and normal behaviors all can have adverse effects on an officer's decision also. Two shooting types are identified, "non-elective and elective." (White, 1999) "Non-elective shootings are seen as an officer using deadly force to protect against threat of immediate serious injury or death. As the amount of danger facing the officer decreases, decisions to use deadly force become more elective." (White, 1999) According to scientific and medical studies, a direct…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Michael Brown Protest

    by Officer Freeman. He was a seventeen year old young unarmed African American. In 2015 there was a rate of 1,134 deaths, five times higher than Caucasian of the same age according to The Guardians Us policing counted article (Swaine, 2016). When given an interview assistant Chief Brian Manley says the officer gave commands to Brown and he did not comply and charged at Officer Freeman ( Noelle, 2016). Manley told reporters the teen was not wearing any clothes and charged at veteran Officer…

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  • Rodney King Police Brutality

    person versus many. There are many cases where police officers shoot because they suspect the person had a gun when they reached for an unidentified object. One of those cases was Keith McLeod, Reisterstown, MD, who was shot fatally by an officer who claimed to have seen McLeod reaching for a handgun around his backpack. Like many times before that wasn’t true as there wasn’t a gun on him and Cases like this only end with speculation of the officer of an imaginary gun killing or injuring a…

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  • Corruption In Policing

    can be attractive to individuals with common socioeconomic backgrounds. On the job experiences can lead to a cynical authoritarian personality common among police officers. This personality type may believe bending or breaking the rules for personal gain is the only way to get ahead. Another view is institutions and practices. Officers are trusted to use their own discretion on the job. The choices they make may…

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  • Police Race

    and purpose of police officers?” Police play a vital role in the law enforcement system. They patrol the community, keep a watchful eye out for any criminal activity, hand out tickets, and respond the 911 calls. Police are taught to “Protect and serve”. Police protect citizens by making arrest to discourage any reckless or potentially dangerous behavior and they serve by giving aid to civilians in times of crisis or natural disaster. Almost anybody can become a police officer. All you have to do…

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  • Latinos Pros And Cons

    She goes on to say that even witnesses, victims, or even just a person pulled over for a traffic stop can be asked. Latinos already had a pretty sketchy relationship with the police, but this has made them even more scared to talk to them. This has caused a great decline in reports of hispanic residents. A lot of people, including the hispanic/latino community, believe this bill violates the first amendment. This ruling will cause immigrants to constantly be on the watch for police and be afraid…

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  • Fresno Police Department Case Study

    Discrimination within the Fresno Police Department has been going on for many years and they have seen numerous cases. The Fresno Police Department has had complaints in the past with racial comments. They have been sued numerous times by different employees within the Fresno Police Department and Clovis police Department. Most of the cases were either Hispanic or African-American. I personally know the police chief that Sue the Fresno police due to racial comments. They try to justify the…

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