Importance Of Authoritarian Leadership In The Military

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Egalitarianism is believing in the principle that everyone deserves equal rights and opportunities. In this paper, we will discuss egalitarianism, its definition, its importance to the future leaders of the modern Soldier, and its importance to the missions of the 21st century. Instant willing obedience to orders will always be a necessity in the military, but the leaders of tomorrow both Non-Commissioned Officers and Officers must also be able to demonstrate their care and concern for Soldiers as well as their respect for individuals. The modern military leader must be able to move fluidly between the authoritarian and egalitarian leadership style.
Authoritarian Leadership
The authoritarian leadership style has been used as long as armies have existed. According to Wikipedia (2017), “an authoritarian leadership style is exemplified when a leader dictates policies and procedures, decides what goals are to be achieved, and directs and controls all activities without any meaningful participation by the subordinates.”
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Those traits are as vital now as at any time in history, Soldiers still want someone they can exemplify to lead them, a leader who leads from the front. The hierarchy and structure of the military is still vital to good order and discipline but future leaders must understand that superior in rank does not equate to superior as a person. Egalitarianism is an additional attribute that must be incorporated into leadership styles at every level in order to successfully deal with the ever changing environments; geographical, social and political in which our future leaders will find themselves. The ability to treat all people as equally important is vital to the accomplishment of the complex missions which future leaders will be tasked with, from negotiating with tribal elders in Iraq and Afghanistan to working with NATO and joint force coalitions where ever the need

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