Essay On Punctuality

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he Importance of Punctuality as a Non Commissioned Officer

In this paper I will cover the importance of punctuality as a Non Commissioned Officer and all that a Non Commissioned Officer job entails. I will also cover the history as an Non Commissioned Officer, the Military Police Corps, and how we became one of the Most Disciplined military. It is all Non Commissioned Officers job to set the standard and lead by example, punctuality is a big part of that. The Army is a profession that depends on its Non Commissioned Officers to lead from the front. It is also the most disciplined volunteer force in the World. I think that is because we sign up to be the best and want to protect the United States and other countries don't have that option. Other countries like Korea you have to join for at least two years with minimum pay and only if your family was rich you had the opportunity to be attached to United States
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There is a saying in the Army “To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late”. If you expect your soldiers to be on time, you very well be on time or you will lose their respect and confidence as a leader. Soldiers aren't going to want to listen to you, or take orders from a leader that doesn't know how to show up on time. It may seem like a miner thing but it adds up over time. It shows a pattern of misconduct that won't be tolerated in today’s Army. If your going to be late try to call if at all possible, but if it keeps occurring that will show that your unreliable. If your deployed and they give you a hit time, you need to be there early to get your mission brief. Missing a hit time can affect your mission or push your mission time back which can get someone hurt. Punctuality can determine the success and failure of a mission. Soldiers will also lose morale if they think their leader is incapable of setting the standards or take their rank for

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