Essay On The Importance Of Accountability

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Accountability is what the United States Army revolves around. Without accountability the United States Army would be chaos. But I digress. The definition of accountability is the fact or condition of being accountable or held responsible. There is no progress within yourself, your team, your life without accountability. When one holds themselves accountable, it seems to put that extra pressure of “if I fail what will happen?” Accountability is a commitment or is the ability to acknowledge obligation or to represent one’s activities. Presently for the Army, it turns into a commitment more than "willingness" while you must have the will to do it too. Those that can't be held accountable or responsible are the ones that jeopardize the combat …show more content…
Army appreciates soldiers that are responsible for their own actions. Being accountable or responsible means being trustworthy. Being at work 10 minutes prior to your SP time, attending all appointments, meeting due dates, and most importantly being at the right place at the right time in the right uniform. First formation is the most critical formation of the day. It is used to get the responsibilities of everybody and put out any information or issues that need to be dealt before with before the days up. Without having responsibility or accountability there is no knowing of where everyone is or what's going on. As a consequence if I were to continue arriving late I could be punished with U.C.M.J. actions. With the knowledge of the severity of such actions I have understood that it is my most important obligation is to arrive on time to all formations. Not only does accountability make a difference in formations it is also a necessity to have accounted for every one of your weapons and sensitive items. In case of something unexpected were to happen and you don't have any knowledge of how much and where everything is, you would ultimately be held accountable for the missing or damaged equipment. Whenever anything happens or you are getting ready to go to site or organization obviously you need to have accountability and control. Without that there would be no organization. Not just being set as the soldier who is accountable for equipment but you must be compatible

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