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  • My Personal Experience As A Non Commissioned Officer

    My personal experience as a Non Commissioned Officer in the military and my growth as a Non Commission Officer started on 25 March 1988. It all started with my lifelong dream of being a Soldier. My next-door neighbor was a Sergeant in the Army and every day when he got home, I would sit and chat with him, I was no older than eight years old. I remembered him saying, “Curtis, I can tell you will join the service in ten years from now because every day you produce different questions regarding…

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  • The Importance Of An NCO

    too lightly and that was not my place to brush it off and assume that everything would get better. I know now that as an NCO it is my job to take care of my soldiers but it takes more than one NCO to do so. By keeping my squad leader and platoon sergeant out of the equation I limit my resources for help on evaluating and fixing the…

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  • Devil In The Blue Dress Analysis

    When entering the military young men are often looking for themselves; unsure and confused. While in the military young men learn discipline and integrity, this help figure out their manhood. When they leave the military they are able to apply their teachings to real life situations. In the novel Devil in the Blue Dress by Walter Mosley, Ezekiel Easy Rawlins does just that. Easy enlisted for the military to go fight in World War II hoping to find who he is and what he wants. After the war his…

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  • The Role Of The Human Resource Sergeant In The Army Profession

    excel because each individual in that organization has experiences and can show others flawlessly what it means to be a professional on and off duty. The role of the Human Resource Sergeant in the army profession reinforces the army’s vision, and ensure that Soldiers and readiness are the main focus. The Human Resource Sergeant assess, weighs, plans and executes the overall mission of the army to ensure constant support and readiness. They are the first line defense, and have the ultimate power…

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  • Essay On Prison Observation

    amount and type of drugs being administered by the medical facility to the inmate and other medical personnel. Then the over watch officer ensures the perimeter distance is sustained at all times and checks to see if the inmate has swallow their medication by opening their mouth and physically showing that they swallowed the medication. However, it is not required that the inmate must take their prescribed medication by the medical staff. Like in the constitution, even an inmate has rights to…

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  • Warrant Officer Qualities

    As a Warrant Officer in the United States Army we serve a very unique purpose. When asked any Warrant Officer will quickly tell you they are “technical and tactical experts” in their particular field, be it aviation, transportation, maritime service or field specialization. ADRP 6-22 states that we serve our organizations by providing quality advice and solutions in equipment at the junior levels, moving to technical knowledge on higher echelon systems at the senior level. This does not mean,…

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  • Individual Leadership Philosophy: United States Army

    Individual Leadership Philosophy Paper SSG Hassoon, Ali SGL SSG Apayo, Anthony My leadership philosophy stem from combination of personal values and beliefs, life experience, and military encounters. I believe every serving member in the military brings in a unique prospective and a unique talent that makes our military the best in the world, and in order to manage and lead that talent you ought a have an open minded leader that can listen to others and takes all opinions in…

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  • Human Resource Noncommissioned Officer Essay

    As a Human Resource Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) in the military, Soldiers transform from civilian into Soldiers. Starting from the very beginning they learn how to march, run, cadence, and learn the overall basic army skills as a new Soldier joining the ranks. Once you acquire the army basic skills to learn just enough to get by, the Army sends you to advanced individual training to become a Human Resource Specialist. As a Human Resource Specialist, you start at the most junior rank…

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  • Analysis: The Bertuli Story

    He still had his guns which was important for him. Leonard was shipped out of basic in October and was sent into battle right away. He was a Infantry Sergeant, but was later was moved to Platoon Leader, when his platoon leader died. Leonard only had one change of clothes with him, he was out there for a year and had one shower and one change of clothes. The conditions he lived in were not the best, he…

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  • Leadership Philosophy: United States Air Force

    Leadership Philosophy My leadership philosophy was acquired while serving this great nation in two branches of service; the United States Air Force (USAF) (1985 – 1995), the United States Army Reserves (USAR) (2010 – 2012) and the USAR Active Guard Reserve (AGR) (2012 – Present). During this 14 year timeframe I developed the morals and values that shaped me into a better, well rounded, Soldier. My military background added a knowledge base that cannot be learned in our educational system.…

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