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  • Mutual Trust In The Army

    as the commander will learn to trust me, I in return will have to trust my commander. As a Command Sergeant Major (CSM) or Staff Sergeant Major (SGM), I realize that my Soldiers will not trust me right away, and I must gain their mutual trust through my daily interactions. Setting good examples and living the Army Values will assist in building mutual trust. My commander and I will plan team-building events often to maximize opportunities to build mutual trust in our organization with the staff. Team building requires effort on everyone’s part, but the chance to bridge any gaps that exist within the organization such as cultural differences will further solidify our team. Ensuring that the commander and I are present when training takes place by being an active participant and sharing the same hardships, as Soldiers will prove to the team that their successes are the teams’ successes. For mutual trust to function properly, trust must flow throughout the chain of command from the commander to Soldiers within the organization. Soldiers that feel they have earned the trust of their leadership will be more willing to take the initiative when they know the commander, and I will support their decision (Army Doctrine Reference Publication, (ADRP), 6-0, 2012). Possessing a shared understanding of the operational…

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  • Mission Command

    command in my future positions after graduating from the Sergeants Major Course. Army Doctrine Reference Publication 6-0 defines mission command as the “exercise of authority and direction by the commander using mission orders to enable disciplined initiative within the commander’s intent to empower agile and adaptive leaders in the conduct of unified land operations”. Commander’s use the principles of mission command along with art of command and the science of control to allow their…

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  • Unified Land Operation, Warfighting Functions And Operation System

    Unified land operation is the Army operating concept which is executed through decisive actions and guided by mission command. The Army’s framework for exercising mission command is operations process (plan, prepare, execute, and assess). Embedded by the philosophy and principles of mission command, the commander, supported by his staff, drives the operation process to execute conceptual planning or detailed planning necessary for him to understand, visualize, describe, direct, lead, and…

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  • American Soldier In Military Culture

    a military culture. What is a Soldier? Mainstream media portrays Soldiers as “door-kickers” and uneducated; and also, highly respected and well trained. The truth is, they are all of these things, yet so much more. defines a Soldier as: “As a Soldier in the U.S. Army, you 're tasked with upholding the Constitution…

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  • Leader Of Influence Essay

    because they create an environment conducive for developing others through professional and personal growth; they build team cohesiveness through trust; and they produce effective leaders and professionals who are capable of getting results and accomplishing the mission. I’ve chosen the individual below as my “Leader of Influence” due to the impact this individual has had on the Army and NCO Corp, as well as the influence this individual has had on my personal growth and development.…

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  • Brigade Combat Team Essay

    However, manning shortages are not a concern as I assume Division G1 will fill the brigade in accordance with Army manning guidance. At this time, I would also work with the Chief of Staff and Division G1 to replace any leaders identified as being toxic like MAJ Wilson, the Brigade S4. I will also immediately start emphasizing readiness to ensure non-deployable Soldiers are being closely tracked to either make them deployable or separate them from the Army. I will hold quarterly readiness…

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  • Summary Of War By Sebastian Junger

    in order to attack. Smaller, vulnerable outposts were created by the 10th Mountain Division to fix this problem. Eventually, the Americans were pushed into the village of Babiyal by the time Battle Company arrived. Fear Second platoon, the main effort of the company, was then placed at a smaller outpost, Firebase Phoenix, described by Junger as “one of the smallest, most fragile capillaries in a vascular system that pumps American Influence around the world” (p. 27). One of their first days…

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  • Perfection In A Military Organization

    No organization is perfect whether it’s the military or a civilian organization. Perfection is what we strive for. There will always deficiencies that one always complains about and say that if they were in charge they will do it differently. Sometimes though that’s just not possible but at times it may be. I myself am currently working as the Executive Officer of a Maintenance Company and these are a few of the issues that I have seen and noticed at my position that I would recommend changing…

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  • Sergeant Major Tom Crane's Steps To Heaven

    Sergeant Major Tom Crane is a soldier that polices other soldiers; he works in the Special Investigations Branch as a detective. He is a hard hitting, persistent, hard man, and brash; overall, he is not very nice to anyone, even those on his side of the law. On his cases, he is assisted by his staff Billy and Kim. The series is an English thriller and police procedural; there are also short stories that are part of the series. It is also self-published by Wendy Cartmell, the author of the…

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  • Julius General Karaki Case Study

    Julius W. Karangi is one of the highly regarded Kenyan general officer cadre who in November 2003, transitioned from an operational role within the Kenyan Military into a senior leadership position, the rank of Major General. As a result of his ability to impress his seniors in the daily decision-making process, that enhanced Kenya Defense Force’s (KDF) efficacy and competence, he rose up in rank to Lieutenant General. In addition, his personal dimensions eventually saw him further get promoted…

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