Brigade Combat Team Essay

As LTC Owens, I am excited for the opportunity to command the 4th Armored Brigade Combat Team (ABCT). After my initial assessment of the unit, I have a good feel for the brigade’s primary issues and look forward to the challenges ahead. I have divided the problems identified into four primary lines of effort: Build the Team, Training, Leadership Development, and Fortify the Team. These lines of effort comprise the essential tasks in meeting my vision for the brigade. My vision is: 4th ABCT is a disciplined, agile, and fit Armored Brigade Combat Team that wins every fight; professionally accomplishes any mission to high standards; cares for, and is empowered by, each other and our families; and honors its lineage. We will accomplish this by being mentally and physically tough, mastering fundamentals, and doing the right thing through a foundation of trust based on teamwork, communication, discipline, and fitness. As the brigade commander, I know it is critical that my vision is nested in that of my higher command to ensure we are meeting the Commanding General’s intent. It is also important that the vision, and the accompanying strategy to implement …show more content…
However, manning shortages are not a concern as I assume Division G1 will fill the brigade in accordance with Army manning guidance. At this time, I would also work with the Chief of Staff and Division G1 to replace any leaders identified as being toxic like MAJ Wilson, the Brigade S4. I will also immediately start emphasizing readiness to ensure non-deployable Soldiers are being closely tracked to either make them deployable or separate them from the Army. I will hold quarterly readiness briefings with each battalion to indoctrinate the importance of readiness into the unit

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