Leader Of Influence Essay

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A Legacy Leader is someone whose actions continue to have a positive influence on an individual, group of people and/or organization. Legacy Leaders are considered to be “Leaders of Influence” because they create an environment conducive for developing others through professional and personal growth; they build team cohesiveness through trust; and they produce effective leaders and professionals who are capable of getting results and accomplishing the mission. I’ve chosen the individual below as my “Leader of Influence” due to the impact this individual has had on the Army and NCO Corp, as well as the influence this individual has had on my personal growth and development. Furthermore, I will explain the legacy I would like to leave behind with the Army and with those who I’ve had the pleasure of leading.
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At the time, CSM (R) Johnson was an Infantryman (11B) and the CSM of a brigade that played a very active and important role within the installation. He served amongst Adjutant General (AG) professionals and as a result his leadership style was very distinctive. He was the epitome of what a leader is (attributes) and what a leader does (competencies).
Without doubt, CSM (R) Johnson’s attributes and competencies played a vital role in developing quality Soldiers and NCOs within the Army. His influence encouraged NCOs to develop their leadership skills and the leadership skills of others while maintaining a sense of honor and pride in the NCO Corps. Regardless of rank, he made sure that all Soldiers received outstanding leadership through coaching and mentoring. CSM (R) Johnson was an innovative leader, creating the only mentorship program I’ve known to this date that served as an effective tool for developing NCOs. For example, everyone within the organization was required to have a mentor while all NCOs were required to provide mentorship to at least one

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