Sfc Roberts Essay

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SFC Roberts was a Platoon Sergeant for Headquarters and Headquarters Company 2nd Battalion 7th Infantry Mortar Platoon. SFC Roberts provided a great example of the Be, Know, and Do philosophy. I chose SFC Roberts due to the following traits that I would hope to emulate in my career.

SFC Roberts was not a micro manager. As the platoon Sergeant he Develop his subordinate leaders by coaching them and mentoring them. He provided the guidance that junior leaders in developing them into senior NCO. SFC Roberts would sent a great amount of time in field and garrison environments to provide much needed guidance to all skill levels within the platoon to ensure the 20 plus years of mortar experience would be passed on to the next generation of mortar men. The platoon was supporting Bradley table XII at FT Stewart. SFC Roberts took all of the skill level 10 and 20 down to the MPRC to show how and why the mortar platoon must provide timely and accurate indirect fire support to maneuver elements. SFC Roberts and a firm belief that tough realistic training must happen to ensure success on the battlefield. SFC Roberts did not believe in the dedicated Sergeants time training. SFC Roberts believed that any time a NCO had soldiers you can provide some training. Whether it be battle tasks, Army programs, METL task and general military knowledge. I have followed the same path with the training of my soldiers as you can always train soldiers on tasks
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I would like my legacy to be that I provide the best training. The concern for my soldiers well being and welfare both professional and personnel will always be a priority for myself. T would truly like to leave the NCO corp and Army a little better and stable then what I entered into at the beginning of my

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