James N. Rowe: The Great Legacy

The Great Legacy The purpose of this writing is to glimpse at the life of former COL James N. Rowe. COL Rowe was an extraordinary leader of the US ARMY who inspires greatness. James N. Rowe demonstrated an immense attributes and competencies during his Military career, after been capture for five years and then escape during the Vietnam War. His legacy has been follow by many persons in their life. In this paper, we will be talking about how his character becomes the basic ground for his military career. His presence motivates other for follow him and his intellect allow him to stay alive and escape the enemy. COL Rowe always leads and develops his Soldiers even under captivity. All this attributes help COL Rowe to achieve his goals in his …show more content…
Challenge myself to always stay physically and mentally fit and always completed my duties as an NCO and ARMY leader. Friendship is very important between leaders and peers. This will develop loyalty and trust between the ARMY peers. Legacy I want to leave.
The legacy I want to leave is to help Soldier that like me came to the ARMY looking for a better future while serving and defending our America liberty and way of life. Great leadership will greatly help and develop those Soldiers with the same attitude I continue to have when I first joint the ARMY. Conclusion In conclusion The great legacy that COL Rowe left behind inspired greatness in our ARMY. His action spoke more than his words. During his ARMY carrier, he was able to show his attributes and competencies from leading Solider during engagement with the enemy, during captivity, escape and all the developments he accomplish with the POW/MIA and SERE programs. COL Rowe never stops believing in himself and his comrades and this allow him to become an exceptional leader. His legacy will always resonate in our military and his commitment will stay with us to be “The great

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