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  • Computer Hardware Analysis

    HDD’s Keep data stored even when they do not have any power. The most common interfaces used to connect a HDD to the Computers main board are IDE and SATA (Serial ATA). Hard drive Enclosures can be purchased to convert IDE or SATA connections to be compatible with standard USB serial Bus connection. HDD’s usually come in two sizes 2.5” and 3.5”, 2.5” HDD’s are usually found in Laptop’s and Games Consoles. 3.5” Drives are usually found in Desktop and Workstation Machines. SSD: Solid State Drive: also known as a Solid State Disk (it does not contain no actual disk) SSD’s use integrated circuit assemblies as memory in order to store data persistently. Power Supply: USB Ports: USB is an industry standard created in the mid 1990’s that defines the cables connectors and commination protocols. USB is one of the most commonly used interfaces of the 20th century. We see USB Ports everywhere we go these days whether it’s in your Computer, Laptop, Car, Car Radio, Home…

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  • Knot's Landing Character Analysis

    Knot’s Landing had many protagonists throughout its 14 year run, and the episode in question had at least 12 protagonists. That may seem like a lot of protagonists to follow, but the show does a good job of simplifying this, by making the characters already related to one another in some way or another. Here are a few examples, Val and Gary are married; Lilimae is Val’s mother; Joe is Karen’s brother; Diana is her some and Abby is her sister-in-law. Having the characters be related to one…

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  • Southwest Airlines Swot Analysis

    A significant strength of Southwest is its outstanding customer service. In August 2009, Southwest Airlines won the top spot for the fourth year in a row in Logistic Management Magazine’s “Quest for Quality” awards, for which it earned the highest scores in the Ontime Performance, Value, and Customer Service categories (“Southwest Airlines Cargo Earns 2009 Quest for Quality Award,” 2009). Southwest has scored higher than the overall weighted industry for 13 consecutive years, as well…

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  • Fatal Plane Crushes

    Countries With The Highest Number Of Fatal Plane Crashes Air travel is considered one of the safest traveling means in the world as, considering the traffic, fewer accidents occur as compared to road travel. However, aviation accidents do occur from time to time and is considered as the most fatal. Statistically, those who survive plane crushes are few. Plane crushes are taken seriously and always followed by vigorous investigations to mitigate future crashes. Worldwide, the top ten countries…

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  • Easyjet Swot Analysis

    EasyJet Network (detailed data shown in the appendix 2) The business is boasted over 200 aircraft, over 600 routes, operating from over 130 airports, over 30 countries and 23 bases. There are 55 million passengers and oversea the safe arrival of over 1200 daily departures annually through EasyJet. Making travel easy and affordable for their customers is EasyJet's passionate. Customer experience is at the heart of everything EasyJet do, every customer is committed to making the travel experience…

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  • Awaiian Airline: A Case Study: Hawaiian Airlines

    Hawaiian Airline Service Hawaiian Airlines is all about ease. On an average approximately 212 jet flys from Hawaiian island. We provide non-stop flights to the "United States". We Additionally provide airline service to Australia, Philippines, American Samoa, Tahiti, Korea and Japan. Free excellent food meals and bites are provided on every South Pacific, Trans-Pacific, and Asia flight. Travellers Point are a group of highly talented individuals which are keen to add possibly the best airline…

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  • Air Europe Xpress Case

    Introduction Air Europe Xpress is in the period of great changes and those strategic adjustments that have been made in the last month at a Shareholder’s meeting undoubtedly will be reflected
on the HR strategy of the company. Moreover there are several challenges, beyond the new strategic plan of the company, which HR department is currently faced. They all together are as follows: Difficulties with recruitment due to high competition among grown number of airline travel companies which leads…

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  • Air Aviation Case Study

    1. Overview: Although flight history is full of unfortunate deadly incidents, planes are statistically the safest mean of transport. Saving money and time and safe trips are the main reasons why airplanes are the first choice when it comes to travelling especially for long distances. With the explosion of client demands and the mass production of aircrafts, managing the air traffic becomes harder and eventually the current managing system will fail against the enormous number of airplanes…

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  • Saudi Aramco Case Study

    Summary During the summer of 1997, a study of aircraft maintenance employee schedules was conducted at the flight department of Saudi Aramco (biggest oil company in the world) in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia (Alfares, 1997) Objective was to calculate the current fixed-wing aircraft maintenance worker schedule and come out with solution to improve and to decide the optimum work schedule that fulfills increasing maintenance labor requirements with the lowest cost and highest efficiency. Flight department…

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  • Ryanair Case Study Summary

    2. BUSINESS PROFILE Ryanair is one of the leading Airline companies in Europe with the highest seating capacity and the second highest passenger numbers. It has a very strong market position. Despite the falling sterling value due to Brexit and the difficult trading conditions, Ryanair made €1.316 billion as Profit after tax, which is an increase of 6% from the previous year. The air traffic has increased by 13%. The current report, as of Jan 2018, shows that the Customer numbers have increased…

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