Easyjet Swot Analysis

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EasyJet Network (detailed data shown in the appendix 2)
The business is boasted over 200 aircraft, over 600 routes, operating from over 130 airports, over 30 countries and 23 bases. There are 55 million passengers and oversea the safe arrival of over 1200 daily departures annually through EasyJet.
Making travel easy and affordable for their customers is EasyJet's passionate. Customer experience is at the heart of everything EasyJet do, every customer is committed to making the travel experience as easy as it can be. More than 300 million Europeans live within one hour’s drive of an EasyJet airport, the number is more than any other airline.

Culture, Vision and Values
EasyJet has a strong, distinct and high performance culture. They
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There are 2 categories of buyers in the airline industry:
 Single flyers, they purchase tickets for either personal or business related reasons. Single flyers is particularly diverse, because they can continue to buy ticket through the specific airline or through the 2nd category of buyers.
 Travel agencies & online portals, this buyer group works as an agency between the travellers and the airlines. In order to give consumers the best flight possible, usually they work with several airline companies.
There is a large amount of buyers compared to the number of companies between these 2 groups. Many customers choose the flight based on where they are going and the cost at the time, so there are low switching costs between companies. Each consumer needs to have a lot of significant information, like the exact details of what the airplane company going to provide during the flight. In general, buyers need to understand the timing of the flight and the security aspects of flying. Because the service provided is exclusive. Each airline has a niche. Some airlines focus on costs, while others concentrate on other
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However, 2 aspects do raise the threat level in airline industry, extremely low switching costs and no proprietary products or services involved. There is a large cost advantage for existing companies. In the beginning years, airline industry requires a large amount of capital and a strong customer to make profit. Existing companies can retaliate against newer companies by using their high capital and with whatever means necessary such as lowering prices, even taking a loss.
Respecting to the low switching costs between brands, Customers prefer to only choose popular airlines. Customers tend to use their money on brands they trust even tickets are expensive. It also involves the security aspect and most consumers feel safer traveling with companies with long experience. There is more reasons can also lower the threat of entry, the airline industry requires aircraft and flying experience. Companies that enter the market need to get license. This procedure could last for about one year. After this period, Different organizations such as the Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Transportation will constantly regulate them. It is enough to prevent most people from entering the industry respect to the time and money spent to solely open an

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