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  • The Importance Of Binge Viewing

    All students battle boredom at times, and many are constantly searching for something to do. Fortunately, binge-watching can provide a glorious solution to boredom. Binge-watching is defined as the act of watching multiple episodes of a television program in rapid succession. According to many Thomas Jefferson students, the top ten binge-watching shows are: Modern Family: Leading the pack, Modern Family has been raved upon for being a hilarious family comedy. First airing in September of 2009, the mockumentary now has seven seasons featuring the lives of Jay Pritchett and his family, all of whom live in suburban Los Angeles. The Office: The Office has a similar light-hearted feeling and mockumentary style as Modern Family and has earned a great deal of popularity since premiering. The show follows the everyday lives of the office employees in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and is perceived as a laugh-out-loud, goofy comedy. Parks and Recreation: Known simply as “Parks and Rec” by fans, this show also has a mockumentary style and through the life of a mid-level bureaucrat in an Indiana Parks and Recreation Department, the inner workings of the department are revealed in the humorous television show. How I Met Your Mother: HIMYM has often believed to have stemmed from the famous show Friends and has gained a cult following over the years as it follows Ted Mosby and his friends in Manhattan, New York. In the year 2030, Ted tells his children of the journey in finding their mother.…

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  • Gilmore Girls Fan Culture Analysis

    Gilmore Girls: A Fan Culture Fan cultures offer more engagement and interaction with a particular narrative. People within the fan cultures of television shows often participate in gatherings such as “watch party” rituals as well as acts of ostension that allow them to interact more deeply with the narrative. Fan culture members often have collections of memorabilia, participate in fan conventions, participate in discussions about their feelings involving the particular thing they are a fan of,…

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  • This Is Us Analysis

    Contemporary TV: This Is Us This Is Us is a new NBC show that premiered on the 20th of September of this year and International Business Times reporter, Caitlyn Hitt, summarizes the beginning of the first episode with, “It centers around five people — one couple, two siblings and a big wig trying to discover his roots [who all happen to be celebrating their 36th birthday]”(Hitt). This Is Us fits into Jason Mittell’s definition of “narrative complexity” through its unique use of operational…

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  • Chapter One: The Vanishing Of Will Byer's Stranger Things

    The media plays a major role in the day to day lives of people around the world in ways that aren’t even understood or that people are aware of sometimes. In the words of W. James Potter, author of Media Literacy, “we are constantly connected to the media either directly or indirectly” (Potter, 2014, p. 5). One of the more direct ways people engage with media is by watching television. In this paper specifically formulas of drama in the television show Stranger Things (“Chapter One: The…

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  • The Threats Of Netflix

    We spoke of how Netflix is able to stay on top of their competitions but there are certain threats that could bring Netflix down. Even though Amazon has their customer pay a nominal fee for newer content on movies or shows, they have the rights to bring a television show episode the next day after it has been aired on TV. Such cases are Big Bang Theory, Arrow, and The Flash. Once it has been aired on TV, customers are able to see that same episode where Netflix would have to wait a year before…

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  • The Twilight Mirror: Charles Brooker's Black Mirror

    Science Fiction storytelling, since Mary Wollstencraft’s Frankenstein in 1818, has always tapped into anxieties people did not know they had. Black Mirror, a Sci-Fi anthology television series by British writer, Charles Brooker, does not deviate from this technique, but, instead, appears to do a better job than its predecessors. It explores the dark consequences that result from human use of technology. In an article written for the New York Times, Brooker explains how his series “was inspired…

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  • Knot's Landing Character Analysis

    Act III: (26) Val is at her cocktail party and explains to her guests that the book is fictional and not about Gary’s family in Texas, nobody believes her. (27) Gary is trying to leave Abby’s, she tells him that she is better for him than Val. (28) Val tells her editor that she isn’t happy with the way he is trying to sell her book. Karen and Lilimae can’t find Gary at the party and decide to call him up. (29) Abby tells Gary to stay with her, since that is where he wants to be. (30) Karen and…

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  • Faith Hope And Love Woodford 13 Reasons Why Analysis

    Faith, Hope, and Love A Threefold Response to “13 Reasons Why” written By Lucas V. Woodford. It’s in response to the Netflix’s 13 Episode miniseries of “13 Reasons Why” a high school teenage girl commits suicide. Her name is Hannah Baker, after being bullied by her classmates and friends she ends up committing suicide. However, before taking her own life she records 13 tapes which are the 13 reasons that lead made the decision. Woodford gives a Christian analysis of the 13 Episode of the…

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  • Jekyll And Mr Hyde Analysis

    Steven Moffat’s re-imaging of the tale takes the same ideas and twists them to take on more modern concepts. The BBC miniseries, Jekyll, still conveys the themes of the dual nature of man and good against evil. The dual nature of man is a constant fight between what is morally right and what isn’t. In the miniseries, the characters of Jekyll and Hyde have been recreated. The protagonist Tom Jackman is a family man, which differs from Stevenson’s Jekyll who isn’t portrayed with any family, only…

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  • Comparing Themes In The Divine Comedy And The Divine Comedy

    Over the Garden Wall was a Cartoon Network original miniseries that contained ten episodes that aired in November of 2014. The story follows two brothers, Wirt and Greg, as they travel through The Unknown in order to find a way back home. The Divine Comedy was a poem written by Dante Alighieri from 1308 to 1320 that follows a personification of Dante travelling through Purgatory, Hell and Paradise, or Heaven. Although the two seem unrelated at face value, the miniseries and poem share many…

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