Sergeant Major Tom Crane's Steps To Heaven

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Sergeant Major Tom Crane is a soldier that polices other soldiers; he works in the Special Investigations Branch as a detective. He is a hard hitting, persistent, hard man, and brash; overall, he is not very nice to anyone, even those on his side of the law. On his cases, he is assisted by his staff Billy and Kim.

The series is an English thriller and police procedural; there are also short stories that are part of the series. It is also self-published by Wendy Cartmell, the author of the series. The series has made its way to the number one spot on Amazon's bestseller list.

"Steps to Heaven" is the first book in the "Sgt Major Crane" series by Wendy Cartmell. Sergeant Major Crane thought he had seen every crime that had ever been committed (either in war time or peace time), but case comes to him that he is not prepared for. It is a case of a veteran of Afghanistan has murdered his six year old son and wife and then killed himself. Crane works with two other police departments in two different towns. Not long after, similar double murder suicides happen around the country, and it is Crane's job to figure out the connection. He finds something at a crime scene that was previously missed, that ties everything, all the cases that were thought to be separate together.

Fans of the novel liked the way the author keeps the reader wondering
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The novel takes place during the summer of 2012. Team GB has taken over Aldershot Garrison as they get ready to compete in the next Olympic Games. Sergeant Major Crane is tasked to babysit all of the athletes for as long as they are there and settle in for what should prove to be a boring few weeks. Supplies disappear and a dead soldier turns up. Something a lot more sinister is at play here. An evil of some kind as entered the base and Crane is on the case. At the same time, he has to worry about his pregnant wife and the birth of his

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