Sergeant Major

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  • Noncommissioned Officer Observation

    successfulness of our training and operations. First impressions are of the utmost importance, and that first counseling session will set the stage between myself and my platoon sergeant as our first potential formal sit-down. Understanding the importance of the relationship between a platoon leader and their platoon sergeant, I have reservations about my ability to conduct an effective counseling. Thankfully, the assistance of MSG Ibarra and SFC Kinard’s class allowed for…

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  • Sergeant Trotter Play Analysis

    reveals the truth and the secrets of the play. I have watched this show at Long Beach Play House and also on you tube several times to understand the theme and the core message of this play. After assessing all, I have planned to play the role of Sergeant Trotter. My role theme is basically based on the revenge and murder mystery. I think the role of Trotter is the most challenging one. Trotter is present in the guest house to investigate an ongoing murder case. He is the person, who seems to…

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  • Case Study Of A TA Platoon Section Sergeant

    1. I am concerned about the inefficient and derelict performance of your duties as a TA Platoon Section Sergeant. Specifically I am concerned about the following:  SGT Crawford, on 6 April 2016 you failed to pass the APFT administered by HHB 2-3 FA BN. Your failure to meet minimum Army standards is an overall indication of your less than acceptable fitness level/standards. Your ability to pass the APFT is of great concern to me for many reasons. First, presents an unprofessional appearance…

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  • Major General Walter Boney Character Analysis

    in full tactical retreat, heading south towards Washington D.C., they hoped to hook up with any leading elements of the 3rd Infantry Regiment. Assuming of course they knew Colonel Magnus and his hoard was heading their way. They were being led by Major General Walter Boney, he was a combat veteran of Iraq, leading the Division while in Ramadi. He had also commanded various Brigades and other units all over Europe finally landing the job with the Pennsylvania Nation Guard. He was tough…

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  • The Importance Of Mentorship In Leadership

    Like many young leaders I started as an NCO with significant motivation, aggressive approach, and a desire to control all outcomes within the scope of my responsibility. Life, experience, mentorship and above all else failure has definitively shaped me as a leader. Mentorship and experience directly correlate to the profession of arms and the development of leadership proficiency. However, I find that the spectrum of life and lessons from failures (both professionally and personally) more…

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  • NCO Leadership Challenges

    2006 to become a Civil Affairs soldier and lead a CA team as the NCOIC in Operation Enduring Freedom, within the first hundred days of arriving at forward operating base in Farah, Afghanistan; I was assigned an additional duty as the FOB acting Sergeant Major for a Provincial Reconstruction Team in an austere environment with over 300 joint forces to care for and provide NCO leadership. I will discuss some of the challenges encountered by this type of unique organization. As an experienced…

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  • Importance Of Diversity In The Military

    Diversity in any type of organization is beneficial for all individuals involved to include top management to the ground employees. Having diversity in a workplace encourages tolerance, acceptance and more rounded place for all employees to work for. It gives persons the ability to grow and to also go up the ladder in the company. Diversity in the military has always been a problem involving women and minorities, but in the last decade there has been a real focus on the lack of minorities in…

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  • Army Professional Definition

    The Army is absolutely a professional organization that is led and maintained by professionals, but that does not mean that every member of the Army is a professional simply by association or being a service member. “Undoubtedly, the Army is considered a profession today. But, we must remember that the Army is not a profession just because we say so.”. Being considered a professional means that an individual has had both time and experience to be developed into a professional. Entry level…

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  • American Soldier In Military Culture

    There is a prestige group of Americans who don’t follow the typical lifestyle that regular citizens live in the United States. Their way of life is so unique that those who do not live it do not understand it. They are the 1%. They are the American Soldier. In this essay, I will give you a small snippet their way of life. You will get a better understanding of their jargon, brotherhood, and what it means to live within a military culture. What is a Soldier? Mainstream media portrays…

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  • Warrant Officer Roles

    With the evolving role of the aviation warrant officer, future development and mentorship is required for success beginning at the company level. As intermediate level technical and tactical experts, Warrant Officers perform the primary duties of technical leader, trainer, operator, manager, maintainer, sustainer, and advisor utilizing staff procedures to provide information to the appropriate level of command. Warrant Officers must discontinue any thoughts of inflexibility to perform outside…

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