Army Professional Definition

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The Army is absolutely a professional organization that is led and maintained by professionals, but that does not mean that every member of the Army is a professional simply by association or being a service member. “Undoubtedly, the Army is considered a profession today. But, we must remember that the Army is not a profession just because we say so.”. Being considered a professional means that an individual has had both time and experience to be developed into a professional. Entry level Soldiers do not possess all of the key attributes of the Profession of Arms, therefore they cannot be considered professionals. In order for someone to become a professional, they must be developed by a professional. Officers, Warrant Officers, and Non-Commissioned …show more content…
Doctrinally, not all members of the Army possess these attributes. One of these attributes is expertise, “Professionals require years of study and practice before they are capable of expert work.” Based on this logic, the entry level Soldier is not capable of being a professional due to a lack of time and practice in their occupation. Leadership is also a professional key attribute that Soldiers do not possess because they are still in a developmental position where they are learning the basics of their craft. There are Soldiers that serve in the Army for strictly monetary purposes with no intentions of progressing into the professional leadership levels of the Army which would define their role in the Army as an occupation rather than a profession. Junior enlisted Soldiers have not obtained the level of experience and expertise to hold a leadership role. The absence of these key attributes in junior enlisted Soldiers is what prevents them from meeting the definition of professionals.
Even though not all members of the Army can be considered professionals, there is still the potential to become professionals therefore the Army is still a profession. It is the duty of Officers, Warrant Officers and NCOs as stewards of the profession to develop Soldiers into professionals as well as further professionally develop junior leaders. “Stewardship is the responsibility of Army professionals to strengthen the Army as a profession”. The Army profession is strengthened by leaders doing everything in their power to develop subordinates into professional

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