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  • Importance Of Noncommissioned Officer Essay

    The most important role in leadership is a noncommissioned officer. Noncommissioned officer or should we say “NCO” has been a very important factor in the United States Army, for a very long time and is known to be the back bone of the Army. Respecting the noncommissioned officer in the army is critical. They have been carefully selected to train and guide soldiers to the right path. A noncommissioned officer has mastered all the basic soldier skills they have earned their respect by serving in…

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  • Service Academy Essay Sample

    “The magic happens when you step outside your comfort zone.” This proverb sums up everything I went through when I recently attended the Air Force Academy’s Summer Seminar in July. While there, I was pushed well beyond my limits. We, the attendees, did strenuous physical training sessions at roughly a mile above sea level, woke up before the sun rose, attended sample classes, and studied tons of military knowledge while learning about the Air Force Academy and the admission process. It was…

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  • Mgt Butler Case Study

    SSgt Butler Letter of Recommendation Comments It is my personal and professional pleasure to share some insight on the abilities and technical skills of Staff Sergeant Butler. I have worked directly with SSgt Butler during a T&R review and update for the Ammunition Community. His breadth and in-depth knowledge as an Ammunition Technician made him a valuable member of the task analysis team. He effectively managed multiple data inputs and masterfully collected and consolidated comments from…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Obstacles In The Army

    During my time in the Army, I have had plenty of obstacles, one in particular would be when I was a RTO (radio tech operator) and we were attached to another battalion to go raid a village. We patrolled all night until we walked twelve miles to our location avoiding helicopters flying in the sky looking for us. Once we finally set up an OP (observation post) we had a team go out and recon the village and we established a plan on how we were going to attack the village. My squad only had about…

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  • 1sg Richardson Character Analysis

    1. I am submitting this memorandum of Character Reference on behalf of 1SG Katrina Richardson. 2. I am currently assigned to USMEPCOM, however I served with 1SG Richardson while I was assigned to the 8th Theater Sustainment Command (TSC). 1SG Richardson was assigned to the command during my second year in 8th TSC. I am not fully aware of the circumstances surrounding the GOMOR and in no way do I condone anything 1SG Richardson is reprimanded for, however, I can say during the time I served…

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  • Craig Simmons Essay

    Craig I. Simmons has held several key positions including serving as Human Resources Manager, Administrative Specialist, Battalion Master Trainer, Senior Guidance Counselor, Recruiting Company First Sergeant, Army JROTC Instructor and as Deputy Program Manager. While those positions provided him with a range of experience, Mr. Simmons obtained a wealth of knowledge, as well as operational experience which speaks volumes of his adaptability and proven…

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  • Personal Values In The Military

    My personal values are derived from my experiences as a youth, my transition into an adult and my decision to join the armed forces. I joined the military right out of high school, and it didn’t take long for the Army to mold me into a Soldier. Order, discipline, commitment and respect were lessons we all learned fast after raising our hands and swearing in. Those four things have stuck with me throughout my career. Of the seven Army Values, respect really stands out to me because as experience…

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  • Film Edge Of Tomorrow: Film Analysis

    there will be a break in the action and Major William Cage and Sergeant Rita Vrataski will be able to catch their breath. The two main characters make a plan to evacuate the trailer park to continue their search for the omega. Director Liman utilizes a deep focus and slow motion shot to show the characters running with their battery operated battle suits to two respective vehicles. The slow motion builds anticipation by decelerating Major William Cage and Sergeant Rita Vrataski from getting to…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Personal Experience Of Flight

    The number of exercises was absurd as well as the difficulty of them. At sundown the sergeants put our names on a board under squad numbers. We had an hour to group up and find our housing. After we found our squad, I was chosen to be the leader. The sergeant showed up to my squad and gave me a topographic map of the area. Our housing was marked with an X; we had half an hour left to find our housing before lights out.…

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  • Sfc Fontanez Leadership Analysis

    SFC Juan Fontanez’s legacy was the impact he left on his Soldiers. He has been one of the most influential leaders in my military career. SFC Fontanez was my Platoon Sergeant during my third deployment to Iraq. During this deployment, I filled the role of Squad Leader in a Combat Engineer Platoon, performing route clearance operations in and out of Sadr City. SFC Fontanez taught me the importance of leading from the front, setting the example, and establishing a high level of trust within your…

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