Sergeant Major General

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  • Perfection In A Military Organization

    No organization is perfect whether it’s the military or a civilian organization. Perfection is what we strive for. There will always deficiencies that one always complains about and say that if they were in charge they will do it differently. Sometimes though that’s just not possible but at times it may be. I myself am currently working as the Executive Officer of a Maintenance Company and these are a few of the issues that I have seen and noticed at my position that I would recommend changing at the Battalion level. Meetings are a necessary evil in any organization, but at what point do we say enough is enough. In recent weeks my Battalion has changed their Battle Rhythm but instead of taking away meetings it has added more meetings for…

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  • Leader Of Influence Essay

    At the time, CSM (R) Johnson was an Infantryman (11B) and the CSM of a brigade that played a very active and important role within the installation. He served amongst Adjutant General (AG) professionals and as a result his leadership style was very distinctive. He was the epitome of what a leader is (attributes) and what a leader does (competencies). Without doubt, CSM (R) Johnson’s attributes and competencies played a vital role in developing quality Soldiers and NCOs within the Army. His…

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  • Brigade Combat Team Essay

    physically tough, mastering fundamentals, and doing the right thing through a foundation of trust based on teamwork, communication, discipline, and fitness. As the brigade commander, I know it is critical that my vision is nested in that of my higher command to ensure we are meeting the Commanding General’s intent. It is also important that the vision, and the accompanying strategy to implement the vision, be imaginable, desirable, feasible, focused, flexible and communicable. In…

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  • Essay On Punctuality

    to join for at least two years with minimum pay and only if your family was rich you had the opportunity to be attached to United States Army as a Katusa. Importance is a subjective indicator of a person or things value. Importance is the recognized attribution of a subject's significance or value as defined by a perspective. In its most basic form, importance is used to define a person that is essential and relevant from those that are not. A subject that is defined as of having no or little…

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  • The History And Importance Of The Non-Commissioned Officer

    Non-Commissioned Officer. This allowed the town sized company element to divide into squads to allow ease of disseminating duties to soldiers. A well-organized unit is essential to success in battle, which General George Washington used to his advantage during the Revolutionary War. Dully noted that the American NCO differs greatly from the English NCO, this is because the United States combined many traditions from the Prussian military, French military, and unsurprisingly British military…

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  • Contributions Of Legacy Leaders In Today's Young Army

    his most notable contributions to leader development were signified during his time as the Command Sergeant Major of Army Training and Doctrine Command. Even though he mentored many other NCOs and soldiers before me, there was a vast amount of knowledge that could be learned from him. He devoted himself to being the best trained and educated Soldier and Noncommissioned Officer, which helped to motivate him in developing other Noncommissioned Officers to be the best they could be. The first…

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  • CPT Malinowski's Toxic Leadership Analysis

    The Commander (CPT Malinowski) arrived and tried to make him stand down, stating that he was a CPT in the United States Army and that he (the Provost Sergeant) would stand down. The Provost Sergeant stated that he would not stand down and that he was acting under the power and the authority of his Position and that he was going to apprehend the subject. But the commander, CPT Malinowski continued to interfere and try and stop the apprehension. After interfering and restricting police procedures…

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  • Major General Walter Boney Character Analysis

    knew Colonel Magnus and his hoard was heading their way. They were being led by Major General Walter Boney, he was a combat veteran of Iraq, leading the Division while in Ramadi. He had also commanded various Brigades and other units all over Europe finally landing the job with the Pennsylvania Nation Guard. He was tough minded, but fair, he was decisive and believed in the Constitution and the country. He knew it wasn’t perfect and he knew the event would give the country a new start, at…

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  • Julius General Karaki Case Study

    Julius W. Karangi is one of the highly regarded Kenyan general officer cadre who in November 2003, transitioned from an operational role within the Kenyan Military into a senior leadership position, the rank of Major General. As a result of his ability to impress his seniors in the daily decision-making process, that enhanced Kenya Defense Force’s (KDF) efficacy and competence, he rose up in rank to Lieutenant General. In addition, his personal dimensions eventually saw him further get promoted…

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  • Importance Of Diversity In The Military

    recruitment of more minorities and especially in the officer ranks. Why is having diversity in the Armed Forces so important? One might ask. As the MLDC report concluded that having “diversity among the leaders so the service will reflect better the racial, ethnic, and gender mix in the armed forces and in American Society ( Minorities in the armed forces are overrepresented in the enlisted ranks and they are proportionately low in the officer side of the house. MLDC data reports…

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