Major General Walter Boney Character Analysis

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The 28th Infantry Division, what there was of it, was in full tactical retreat, heading south towards Washington D.C., they hoped to hook up with any leading elements of the 3rd Infantry Regiment. Assuming of course they knew Colonel Magnus and his hoard was heading their way. They were being led by Major General Walter Boney, he was a combat veteran of Iraq, leading the Division while in Ramadi. He had also commanded various Brigades and other units all over Europe finally landing the job with the Pennsylvania Nation Guard. He was tough minded, but fair, he was decisive and believed in the Constitution and the country. He knew it wasn’t perfect and he knew the event would give the country a new start, at least he hoped. He had spoken …show more content…
No more than two minutes passed and two very dirty men that were heavily armed, entered the Generals CP. They came to attention, saluted and held it until the General returned it, “As you were.” MG General Boney said. He thought again, they are armed to the teeth, he wondered why no one in his command tried to disarm them, but it was a bit too late for that.
“What can the 28th Infantry Division do for the 19th Special Forces Group?”
The two SF Soldiers handed over their General Boney took them, looked them over, he noticed that they read they were out of Camp Parks in California, how was that possible he wondered. He handed the credentials back. The General eyeing the two men suspiciously, “What can I do for you?”
“I’m Captain DeToya and this is Master Sergeant Teavana. Any place we can sit and talk, we’ve got quite a story for you General?” Captain DeToya said.
MG General Boney looked both men over again, “I have to tell you two men that I feel very uncomfortable with both of you men, that I don’t know, being so well armed and me being at a

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