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  • Ineffective Leadership Essay

    A Senior NCO orchestrated a prostitution ring utilizing lower enlisted females and glamorized a quick source of income. Sergeant First Class McQueen struggled with his finances. If his peers observed his financial issues, addressed it prior to a quick money scheme, a prostitution ring would not have been formed. This fosters an environment where there is no trust in the…

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  • The Dog's Bite Summary

    in to announce the change, the leader must be upfront with the people and let them know what is occurring. In 2015, the department and the city council did a survey to see if the department had adequate police personnel. The study looked at many things such as the amount of calls for service, the number of officers working each shift, the number of events, and the schedule the officers were working. In reality, the survey was a gamble for the department because there were three possible…

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  • Sfc Green Legacy

    The purpose of this paper is to discuss the impact that SFC James L. Green III has had on the ARMY and on me. At the same time I will discuss how SFC Green’s legacy has and will shape the legacy that I intend to leave. Let me start by providing some background about SFC Green. SFC Green grew as an ARMY brat. In my opinion this is one of the reasons he developed so much resilience and so much knowledge of the ARMY in all of its aspects. During his younger years he passed his time between…

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  • Urinalysis Roster: An Ethical Dilemma

    Approximately 1130 I received a phone call from Master Gunnery Sergeant Hernandez informing me that my name was on the Urinalysis Roster. I informed the Master Gunnery Sergeant Hernandez that I had my daughter with me and didn’t have alternative child care, but that I would but able to make it to the urinalysis before 1400. At this point I realize now that i should have told my…

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  • My Greatest Fear Of Lead By Example

    “Lead by Example” is a term that has no origin, per se, but is visible throughout history further back than Alexander the Great (356 BC – 323 BC). A king at age 19, and conqueror of much of the known world, would draw a sword and lead the charge. The sight of Alexander leading the charge had a motivational inspiring effect on his army that no force on Earth could withstand. As a result of his leadership style, he has no recorded battlefield losses during 11 years of conquest. As a side note, I…

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  • Hr's Role In The Army Profession

    The Human Resources Sergeant plays an indispensable role in the Army Profession of Arms. We have to understand that the core responsibility of our role in the Profession of Arms is gained through first learning about the Profession of Arms. The Human Resources Sergeant in the Profession of Arms has to balance several roles such as an HR Sergeant in the Profession of Arms, leadership role and also supporting the Army’s culture. Through it all, one should have many attributes of a great…

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  • My Military Career

    Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.. The definition of unscathed, according to Webster, is without suffering any injury, damage, or harm. I sometimes wonder if this just means physically or does in include emotional wounds. Not saying that I have been scathed by anything I have been through or conquered, I’m just wondering. The definition of a combat veteran, according to me, is a beer drinking, flag flying, barbequing American. It isn’t someone who…

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  • Reflective Essay: Growing Up In The United States

    It was 0100 hours and I was only awake because the missiles and mortar shells that were attacking my base that night was heavier than usual. They flashed a bright yellow light and smelled like sulfur. I went to the door to find my Platoon Sergeant standing in full gear. He commanded, “Gear up, Griff you pulled the short straw and have to guard the northwest corner of the FOB” I knew that meant our forward operation base. Without hesitation I grabbed my gear and headed with my leader to the…

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  • SSG Mcduffie Case Study

    ACE Suicide Intervention. He expertly executed duties of Unit Master Driver and Ammo Handler to ensure Unit's success at the M-16 Qualification Range even after being transferred to another Unit. SSG McDuffie has assumed responsibility of platoon sergeant with the highest degree of maturity and continuously leads by example to his fellow Soldiers. He scored 273 points on last APFT, displaying exceptional physical fitness and supports Soldiers in improving their own physical fitness. As an…

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  • Non Commissioned Officer Essay

    Non-Commissioned Officers are the backbone of the Marine Corps. They are the vital link in ensuring Marines under their charge are trained, and exceed proficiency in the occupational specialty. Marine non-commissioned officers provide and assist their Marines in professional development, they enforce the physical and mental standards in junior Marines through small unit leadership. Non-Commissioned Officers are responsible for their men and their actions, and the Marine non-commissioned officer…

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