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  • The Role Of Baseball In The Civil War

    Throughout the history of the Civil War there were many people the world idolized and give great recognition to. Abner Doubleday is credited for his time served as an Army Officer and a Union General during the Civil War. Ironically, many do not give credit for one of his most famous ideas; Americas favorite pastime, baseball. In fact, the Civil War enhanced the game of baseball which lead it to the national league that it is today. The Civil War expanded baseball throughout the country and…

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  • How Does Baseball Affect African American Community

    He realized that there was a large amount of talent that was being unutilized due to the fact that major league baseball teams didn’t want to hire black athletes. Rube Foster turned to all the negro league franchise owners around him and informed them of what he was trying to do and how it could help themselves economically and how it could boost their…

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  • Depression In Clink's Life

    During her journey through depression, a recorded history on her brother would allow Clink to deal with her depression, which seemingly controls any aspect of her life. For instance, depression seeming controls Clink in her comparison of the future being “erased, replaced with a dark gray fog of uncertainty, and we clung to the few things we could control” (17). Clearly, Clink feels a sense of sadness in this instance in which the comparison she uses depicts how depression seemingly controls her…

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  • Baseball Player: Jim Abbott

    Did you know that the first and only baseball player who played with one arm was a man named Jim Abbott? He was born in Flint, Michigan on September 19, 1967. Jim Abbott's parents were still teenagers when they had him. Raising a child at such a young age was difficult enough, especially a child with a disability, but Mike and Kathy Abbott resolved to make their son's life as normal as possible ( Abbott’s father loved him unconditionally. Jim was not pampered or treated differently…

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  • Analyzing Erikson's Four Stages Of Aging

    My subject was a 90 year old divorcee. She has an upbeat personality and a pleasant demeanor. She has no siblings alive. She is very religious, which plays a major role in her life. She was born in Jamaica and migrated to the United States in the 1970’s. She has 10 children, 8 biological and 2 of whom are adopted. 9 out of her 10 children are alive. In addition, she has countless grand and great grandchildren…

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  • Tracey Case Summary

    A: REFERRAL INFORMATION Tracey, a seventeen-year-old Caucasian female, was referred to a mental health social worker at Primary Care Northside by the clinic’s head physicians. Tracey, permanently separated from her biological family of 8, came to the clinic for a yearly wellness checkup. The physician ruled out all medical consideration and all of Tracey’s blood work came back positive and within a healthy range. However, since Tracey’s expressed physical symptoms, such as sadness, emptiness…

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  • Baseball Myth

    is played today in the United States and the earliest history of baseball in America is in the late 1700’s in Massachusetts. The game continued to be played in the United States in different areas. The actual person to invent baseball is part of a major sports myth. For many years a man by the name of Abner Doubleday was given credit for developing baseball. The funny part of the story is while it was stated he developed baseball in 1839 it wasn’t until years later he got the credit due to a…

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  • Steve Waugh Research Paper

    Steve Waugh - My Sporting Hero Steve Waugh is a perfect role model for adolescents. Not only has this man reached some amazing new feats in cricket but after his retirement he started a foundation in which he helps kids with rare illnesses and diseases. Many of the people (aged 0-25) that have been helped by this foundation often have has little to no funding to help them out. Before Steve Waugh helped hundreds in India and started his foundation, He was just a young man who was becoming one…

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  • The Crowd At The Ball Game Poem

    Margaret Barry Interpreting Literature MWF 9am Dr. Taylor February 5, 2016 Poem explication In William Carlos Williams poem “The Crowd at the Ball Game” the speaker at first glance is seemingly talking about a crowd of people cheering on their favorite team at a baseball game. But upon farther analysis, there may be a deeper meaning. The speaker may have been at the ball game and witnessed the crowd first hand and the audience is someone who was not at the ball game. The first stanza states…

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  • Dissociative Amnesia

    Dissociative Amnesia is when a person is overly stressed, which can be caused by abuse, accident or disasters? The person may be suffering from the trauma that they have witnessed. But it also can be an inherited illness, as relatives often have dissociative amnesia. It’s an illness where someone cannot remember important information about their lives. This forgetting can be limited to certain specific areas or may include the person’s life history and/or identity. Memory recovery may happen on…

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