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  • Why Is Professionalism Important In The Army

    We want the junior Soldiers to say, “now that is a great professional Staff Sergeant and someday I will be as professional as them”. Within the last decade, the Army has become more focused on education. When training, educating and mentoring the professional must always revert and instill the Army values. Loyalty, duty, respect…

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  • Rater Errors

    par. 5). I encourage my Sergeants to do two things to prevent failure to document. First, I suggest each keep a working diary of the good and bad that happens each day. Second, before the end of each evaluation period, I ask that each Sergeant have their officers give them a list of their training, accomplishments,…

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  • Colonel Shaw And Major Forbes: Film Analysis

    Colonel Shaw and Major Forbes viewed the 54th Massachusetts troops in different ways, because Col. Shaw saw them as soldiers in training, and Major Forbes didn’t think they could fight. Col. Shaw also saw them as a group of men who needed a lot of discipline and intense training in order to become good soldiers. Major Forbes saw the troops in a more relaxed manner, where he viewed them more like average men. Col. Shaw brought in Sgt. Mulcahy, because he believed that the soldiers needed lots of…

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  • Petty Officer Storm Accomplishments

    tracked all required Information Systems Technician certifications, general military training and in-rate topics. He directly trained, mentored, boarded and qualified seven Site Duty Officers and seven Electronic Key Management System (EKMS) users; a major contributor to the overall watch flexibility. His efforts contributed to sustained command readiness and resulted in the advancement of two Sailors to the next higher paygrade. - Meticulous Manager. As the command EKMS Local Element…

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  • Army Warrant Application Essay

    feel I have reached a rank that marks the culmination of my operational career. At this stage in the Army as a Staff Sergeant, I continually fulfill duty positions that are above and beyond my pay grade in both the garrison and deployed environments. This is best exemplified in my recent deployment with 1st Special Forces Group in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. As a Staff Sergeant, I served as the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force-Iraq (CJSOTF-I) Counterintelligence (CI)…

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  • Dietrich Merz's 'An Excerpt From The Escape'

    The Escape It was 1944 in Western Poland, it was 3:53 a.m in the Erwachsene sector in Auschwitz. Obergefreiter (Senior Corporal) Dietrich Merz was on a coffee break. It was the middle of winter. It was a record low temperature that night. -47˚F was the annual high that winter. It was miserable outside. Guards and prisoners were suffering just as the rest of the population in the area. It was a winter that would be remembered for years to come. Ana Baka, ID:10605, was curled under her…

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  • Demon Buffalo Character Analysis

    The oldest living being known to mankind, a soldier of a war long since forgotten, Demon Buffalo, also known as Olding Oldington. This is a story of how this war, the war that scared our protagonist, ended. Old was leader of a three man infiltration squad that was sent to go through the ranks of one of the other planets governments and leak information to the populace to cause panic before Old’s government sweeps in seemingly like a beacon of hope, when in actuality it was a ruse in order to…

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  • Band Of Brothers Characteristics

    As we watched the television series, “Band of Brothers” a variety of traits were shown throughout military leadership. Though not all of the traits were considered good, many of them came to form multiple great leaders. Speaking of which, Captain Richard Winters There are a numerous amount of ways to be specified as a bad military leader. For instance, not following directions, not being able to take action when needed, lack of listening to commands, not following a plan, dismissing ideas that…

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  • Case Study: Joint Force Trooper

    One hundred and fifty-nine Joint Task Force Troopers took part in a once in a lifetime opportunity of earning the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge on U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, June 2 through June 5. The GAFPB is a foreign award demonstrating the requirements a German Soldier must be proficient at in their armed forces. “This is a rare opportunity for a Soldier to experience in their career,” said U.S. Army Master Sgt. Lawrence Mawhinney, the noncommissioned…

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  • Sniper X Research Paper

    As the unparalleled Sniper X, you'll collaborate with activity star Jason Statham to turn into the free world's definitive weapon against the strengths of confusion and fear! As a major aspect of Statham's world class paramilitary group SPEAR, you'll work one next to the other to destroy terrorists and rebel expresses that routine strengths can't touch. Turned into THE ULTIMATE SNIPER • Study the execute's specialty under SPEAR's leader, voiced by activity star Jason Statham! • As Sniper X…

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