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  • Mission Command

    The purpose of this reflection paper is to illustrate how I will use the principles of mission command in my future positions after graduating from the Sergeants Major Course. Army Doctrine Reference Publication 6-0 defines mission command as the “exercise of authority and direction by the commander using mission orders to enable disciplined initiative within the commander’s intent to empower agile and adaptive leaders in the conduct of unified land operations”. Commander’s use the principles…

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  • Army Reflective Essay

    Drill Sergeant First Class Greene taught me what an Army Non-Commissioned Officer leader should be from my first days in the Army. From the day I met him, SFC Greene personified the Army values: loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and personal courage. He taught how to be a Soldier by leading by personal example. He mentored me in lessons about honor and integrity. SFC Greene’s mentoring carries with me through my career. As I learn to be a more effective leader…

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  • Essay On Army Counterintelligence

    Special Agents is different from most Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) in the Army. Anywhere that an Infantryman can go follows the same general progression. They go to a line platoon, move from soldier to team leader to squad leader to Platoon Sergeant. They all receive training on the M4 carbine, M249 Squad automatic Weapon, 240 Machine Gun, and M2 Machine Gun. CI Agents do not follow a path similar to the infantry setup. CI Agents can go to positions where they can be the only Agent…

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  • The Importance Of Printed Questionnaires

    Output for hand held computers should be simple and easy to use. A major output for the hand held computer would be to use the Internet wirelessly and to function much like a regular computer would. Color Photograph Color photograph’s can be used to take pictures from a camera. Usually, people would go to a vendor…

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  • Cadet Leader Reflective Essay

    The 2015 Cadet Leader Course challenged and changed numerous ROTC cadets. Throughout my time in the University of Arkansas ROTC Program, myself and fellow cadets trained for this anticipated event. CLC was the notorious contender we would face at the end of their junior year. The on-campus training we received helped us face numerous challenges. My expectations for CLC varied tremendously. My varied expectations were the result of not knowing the exact format of the new CLC. The class of 2015…

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  • Special Forces Warrant Officer Essay

    Throughout the past seven years, I have served over five years on a Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha as a Communications Sergeant and Intelligence Sergeant. I also served over two years as a Company Intelligence Sergeant. During this time, I have been dedicated to upholding the professionalism, reputation, and integrity of the Special Forces Soldier. I have greatly enjoyed the time I have served as a Special Forces NonCommissioned Officer, and I look forward to the potential of…

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  • Army Strength Essay

    young man or women become a soldier. Enabling them to get a free college education, job training and experience. The ability to work in the community help out school age children with bullying, and feeding the homeless. As a Recruiter and First Sergeant my duty description according to Army Writer is “Serve as the Army’s Ambassador within the community, recruits, determines applicant enlistment eligibility, counsels applicants on enlistment programs and options, prepares enlistment…

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  • Noncommissioned Officer Ethics

    The United States Armed Forces has different codes of conduct, multiple creeds, values, and ethical codes that are critical to mission accomplishment. Researchers stated that army civilians have the potential and confidence to conduct future as well as existing mission with honesty and integrity (Code of Ethics, 2011). Also, the code of ethics provides guidance for making ethical decision in order to conduct a work in a professional environment. Noncommissioned Officers Ethics All…

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  • Staff Sergeant Citizen

    Staff Sergeant Citizen enlisted in the United States Army on January 26th, 2005. He completed Basic Training at Fort Benning, Georgia in June 1999. He completed Advanced Individual Training at Fort Lee, Virginia in 2005 for Military Occupational Specialty Parachute Rigger. He reclassified and graduated for 68W Healthcare Specialist in 2007 at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. Staff Sergeant Citizen’s has served as an Airdrop Equipment Repair SPC (2-75th Ranger Battalion), Fort Lewis, Washington; Team…

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  • My Personal Experience As A Non Commissioned Officer

    My personal experience as a Non Commissioned Officer in the military and my growth as a Non Commission Officer started on 25 March 1988. It all started with my lifelong dream of being a Soldier. My next-door neighbor was a Sergeant in the Army and every day when he got home, I would sit and chat with him, I was no older than eight years old. I remembered him saying, “Curtis, I can tell you will join the service in ten years from now because every day you produce different questions regarding…

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