The Legacy Of SFC James L. Green

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss the impact that SFC James L. Green III has had on the ARMY and on me. At the same time I will discuss how SFC Green’s legacy has and will shape the legacy that I intend to leave.
Let me start by providing some background about SFC Green. SFC Green grew as an ARMY brat. In my opinion this is one of the reasons he developed so much resilience and so much knowledge of the ARMY in all of its aspects. During his younger years he passed his time between his family farm in Odesa TX and Germany, Fort Bliss TX., FT Hood and FT Gordon. During his young adult years he moved back to TX in order to complete his college degree. After the completion of his college degree SFC Green started serving as a teacher
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Sound judgment and mental agility by being able to maneuver his element in to an advantageous position. As a result of his leadership and support from the entire element only two soldiers lost their lives, Specialist Christopher Honaker and Privet First Class Joseph Miracle. After all was said and done the command team approached SSG Green and commend his team, because without the LLVI team providing their collect the losses would have been catastrophic. After SSG Green finished his tour with the 173rd ABCT he received orders to return to San Antonio TX. After his in-processing to the 314th MI BN., SSG Green was reassigned as a Platoon Sergeant to A …show more content…
In my opinion it was a sad day for the ARMY when SFC Green decided to ETS. The active component of the ARMY lost a great leader. But true to himself SFC Green could not stay away from soldiers for long. For this reason he decided to join the Texas National Guard. At the moment SFC Green is serving as an acting 1SG for A CO, 636th MI BN., TX ARMY National Guard. I have had the pleasure of coinciding with him on several occasions at my current duty station. I can absolutely see that SFC Green has not lost his touch. I have witnessed the way his new soldiers look at him and the amount of respect that he has earned from them.
Today Mr. Green works for Rackspace (Fortune 500, web hosting company) as the International Network Security Manager. Once again since he can’t stay away from soldiers he also serves as the Chairman of the Rackspace Veterans ' Employee Resource Group, now for 2 years running. SFC Green not only kept soldiers alive during his deployment and day to day job, mentored and aided in the betterment of MI professionals like myself and many other but he continues to positively affect the life of countless other soldiers both in the active, the National Guard and the private

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