Battle For Mother America Analysis

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When our country calls, there is only a few that answer her willingly and honorably. There are a few people who will courageously go to battle for Mother America. Two of those who have paid the toll and served under the command of the president of the united states are Cyrus F. Boyd who served during the civil war in the fifteenth Iowa infantry, and Robert Tonsetic who served during the vietnam war as an infantry officer under the 199th light infantry brigade. These men served in battle during some of the bloodiest wars America has seen in her lifetime. They faced long days out away from some of the most common utilities for weeks to months on end. These men fought politically divided wars leading a group of men from different parts of the country. Through these hardships these men endured they also grew …show more content…
The first impression that is made at a new unit or duty assignment is one of the most stressful and longest days in the military. It is an entire day where everybody sizes you up from the top of your hair to the dirt underneath your boots. They may offer you a handshake and ask how you are are or not even give you the time of day. This is something every soldier faces no matter the rank. In Robert Tonsetic’s case he was greeted by a private first class. The private greeted Captain Tonsetic with a salute, a jeep, and orders. CPT Tonsetic was then shuffled around the 199th light infantry brigade being introduced to all the people in charge of places and he then met with the brigade adjutant Major Kelly. He was then talked down to and told he will be in a staff position until he earns his keep and is then appointed Charlie Company’s Commander slot. Later showed his place in the S3 shop and got settled

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