Reflective Essay For French Revolution

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University of Wisconsin-Madison
Department of French and Italian
College of Letters and Science

Many people say that I am a member of the generation X, born just before the war, in a country that was right in the process of falling apart. Not long after I first saw the light of day, my country has changed several times its name, its anthem, geographical layout and national identity. I was waiting in line in the arms of my mother to get some milk, I have survived an awful authoritarian regime, but I also witnessed the building of the first democratic revolution in this region. I do not mention all of this because I like to deal with the past. No, I mention it only to point out how these political and social circumstances have influenced the path I chose. That is why I opted for French and for France. Call it escapism, and me – just a dreamer, but reading about French Revolution and about how France became the cradle of liberty was my way of forgetting the somber reality I
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I immediately thought that I was going to be punished for something. That class lasted an eternity to me. The bell rang and my heart skipped a bit. Everyone left the classroom and I stayed alone with the professor. She started talking about the National French Language Competition… “I want you to represent our school”, she said. I was over the moon. My favorite Professor just asked me to represent the Philological High School at the National French Language Competition! “This is probably the happiest day of my life”, I thought. I stopped sleeping and eating. For the next few weeks all I did was reading and learning like mad. A month later I was proud to be the finalist of a French Language Competition in Serbia. That was the moment when I realized that I will never stop devoting myself to that mellifluous language and that impressive

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