I Just Wanna Be Average Mike Rose Summary

1. I Just Wanna Be Average by Mike Rose
2. In the article, “I Just Wanna Be Average by Mike Rose tells us how his test scores had been mixed with another student with the same name, but rose was placed in an vocational track for two years because the other student did not do so well on the placement test. At Mercy all lower class teachers weren’t good and did not know what they are doing. Teachers had no experience of teaching struggling students. Rose never really had to try to pass any of the vocational classes because it was not a tough learning program. Ken Harvey said he wanted to be like an average common Joe. Rose is finally beginning to understand that. Since rose was transferred from voc. Ed. to college prep program he began to really
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Engaging the Text
1. Rose’s teachers at voc. ed. we’re not good teachers. The teachers were actually coaches which they would not have the educational background on different subjects besides sports and health. For example, his sophomore English teacher Mr. Mitropetros would make students read out loud Julius Caesar which is a required reading from the district. He just had students read all year long, but that wasn’t teaching students anything. I had no experience with teachers like this because every book I read required an essay, tests and quizzes.
2. Voc. Ed. was to help students that were struggling; however, this program made students lazy and unwilling to work. Rose got the ideas that were taught the same thing every year, but it just gets harder. Students learned about physical prowess and abundance of muscle. Rose couldn’t catch up on math because it was the teacher’s fault to make sure he continued to learn the
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This reading connects to my school experiences because I was in a program called Eld until I got to high school. I’ve attend school here in the united states since 1st grade. I pushed myself every year hoping to get out of it. My teachers were not helpful at all. I did not get enough feedback or support to be placed in a regular English class. I struggled my school years learning the same thing over and over again, but it all changed in 7th grade I had a teacher named Ms. Hong who was strict and wanted her students to move to a higher level of English. She taught me compound-complex sentence, independent and dependent. I learned the proper way to use conjugations, transition and spelling. She made me think that in 8th grade I would be in a higher level of English; unfortunately, I was put another year of Eld. The worst part was that I did not learn anything in my 8th grade English class because it was homework from the literature books and I did not have to write any essays for that year. I did not have control over when I would get out of Eld, but Rose had the opportunity to take the test again to make sure he was being placed in the right program. Instead of waiting 2 years to find out that his scores got mixed another student named Rose his parents could have asked for the results to see if it was accurate. I wished that my parents would have come to the school and talked to my counselor for me to get out of Eld. I could have taken a test or written an essay to get to

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