System of linear equations

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  • Importance Of Dental Age Estimation

    study was to estimate the age in a sample of Egyptian population based on the relationship between age and measurement of the tooth coronal index (TCI) in the mandibular permanent 1st molars in dental panoramic radiographs and to develop regression equations that can be used in…

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  • Linear Differential Concentration And Damping Factors

    releasing it. We would use these data to calculate the damping factor and the spring constant. To accomplish the different experiments we needed the use of a Linear Variable Differential Transformer…

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  • Iodine Clock Reaction

    Chemical kinetics are governed by the mathematics of systems of differential equations (Thermodynamics and Kinetics). This means that the rate of any chemical reaction is determined by the type, and amount, of reactants present. Note the rate of a reaction is how fast it occurs. Furthermore, such rate equations can either be distinctively linear or non-linear when graphed. Non-linear equations are supposedly more complex as they generally react to small changes within its parameters…

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  • The Moving Particles MPS) Method

    designed to accelerate graphics processing, nevertheless, from the mid-2000s, it becomes a more generalized computing device that promises accelerate codes that demand high computational power at lower cost. Despite the known challenges to speedup linear system solutions using GPU, in 2011, Hori et al. cite{Hori-2011} developed a GPU-accelerated version of standard MPS code. The authors shown that, for simulations of two-dimensions model of moderate size (until 100K particles), the…

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  • An Analysis Of Pin Hole Camera Model

    For ${\bf n}$ calibration points we have ${\bf 2n}$ equations:\\ \begin{equation} {\bf AP=0} \end{equation} Camera calibration can be done by known patterns. Chess pattern is one of the standard pattern used for calibration. We know the number of rectangles and size of rectangles in the chess board pattern and pattern is a plane…

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  • Modern Day Algebra Essay

    through centuries of work from remarkable individuals with an undying passion and curiosity that algebra slowly but surely evolved. Introduction In modern day mathematics, the term algebra denotes the manipulation of abstract symbols, solving equations for unknowns,…

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  • Special Education Exclusion Essay

    Education is a fluid system or equation. Thoughts, ideas, pedagogies, and other aspects associated with education can either pass through seamlessly, not interrupting the overall system, can briefly attach to various aspects in education, but eventually disappear, or can cause a tremendous shift in policy and procedures. On the outside, this system or equation appears simple, but there are several complex moving pieces. Because of all these complex pieces, challenges are a realistic…

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  • Electro Mechanical Actuator Case Study

    How Electro-mechanical Actuator Works? A Rotary Electromechanical Actuation system with an Electric Motor, a gear box & an elastic spring to absorb peak torque loads experienced during operational life. The Schematic below describes the system. Fig. 1.1 Rotary Electro-mechanical Actuator Gearbox Requirements: The Gear Box at the Motor Output is intended to amplify the torque output of the Motor with reduction in speed. The tentative ratio is set at 10:1. Functional Requirements of…

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  • The First Shell Theory: The Love-Kirchhoff-Love Model

    [Tas1965], Martin and Drew [Mar1989], whose theory was based on Donnell’s equations, and the work done by Chao [Cha1960] whose analysis was based on Timoshenko’s buckling equations. All the theories discussed above are based on the classical shell theory where the Love-Kirchhoff assumptions are used. The Love-Kirchhoff assumptions amount to treating shells as infinitely rigid…

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  • Why Langmuir Isotherm?

    (a) Pseudo-First Order Model Pseudo-first order equation or Lagergren's kinetics equation is widely used for the adsorption of an adsorbate from an aqueous solution (Lagergren, 1898). 2.9 After integration and applying boundary conditions t=0 to t= t and qt = 0 to qt=qt, the integrated form of equation becomes,…

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