System of linear equations

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  • Linear Programming Problem: The Simplex Method

    4 The Simplex Method As we have seen, a linear programming problem forms a convex polygon in the best possible scenario. It is imperative to obtain a process that would assist in determining the optimal solution without the need to examine the graphical representation. The need for an algorithm that would perform such process was essential in the early days of the formulations of linear programming problems. Although challenging, the task was accomplished by a mathematician of the twentieth…

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  • The COSMO Solvation Model

    preferred conformations. in the modern chemistry, where it can lead to significant improvement in the understanding of more complex system. theoretical calculations were proved to give good results for thermodynamic properties [1-3] The determination of the structural parameters of the preferred conformation and…

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  • Congo Red Lab Report

    Chemicals Congo red (CR) an anionic dye (C32H22N6Na2O6S2 and Molar Mass as 696.7 gmol-1) used in the present work (Fig.1a) and zinc acetate dihydrate were purchased from LOBA Chemie Company, India. Methylene blue (MB) a cationic dye (C16H18N3SCl and Molar Mass of 319.85 gmol-1) as shown in Fig.1b, was purchased from Oxford laboratory reagent Co. Zinc acetate used for the preparation of nanoparticles ZnO and sodium hydroxide were purchased from Biotech laboratory chemicals company. Ethyl alcohol…

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  • Volumetric Flow Meter Lab Report

    that is connected to the vertical board on the top. The first step of this experiment was to turn on the main control valve and to start the flow pump system. Then set the rotameter reading to each of the 5, 10, 15, 20, and 22 that were needed for this experiment. For the 5 and 10 reading, one mass that weighed in at 6 kg was added to the system, and for the rest 12 kg mass was added. The air pump that was used at the scale reading of 5 increased the pressure on the water levels in the tube.…

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  • Straight Line Model Essay

    of 90%. From Equation ‎2.1: Y2 = 10 x 2 (log 0.9 / log 2) = 9.5 So, the duration at unit 2 = n x Yn – Yn-1 = 2x9.5 – 10 = 9 days From this equation, Table ‎2.1compares LOB duration (ES & EF) before and after applying the learning effect. Table ‎2.1: LOB schedule before and after applying the learning effect Learning effect (a) LOB (no learning) (b) Unit Y Dur. Cum. Time ES EF ES EF 1 10 10 10 0.0 10.0 0 10 2 9.0 8.0 18.0 10.0 18.0 10…

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  • The Kalman Filter: Theory Of The Estression Theory

    theory moving randomly across intuition, experiments and mathematical framework. Kalman Filter Concept The Kalman filter equations are recursive and it is helpful to estimate the time varying state variables and parameter from unifying earlier results that he…

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  • Cerebrovascular Reactivity (CVR)

    which measures the concentration of CO2 in the lungs and represents a surrogate for concentration of CO2 in the arterial blood, was recorded for the entire duration of the scan using a capnograph device (Capnogard, Model 1265, Novametrix Medical Systems, CT). Imaging parameters used in this study were FOV = 220 ? 220 mm2, matrix size = 64 ? 64, 43 axial slices, thickness = 3.5 mm, no gap, TR/TE/flip angle = 2000 ms/25ms/80?, single-shot EPI.…

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  • Final Concentration Of Eosin Essay

    left after 45 minutes, therefore, after using the equation, 81% was calculated. This is the percentage of the “drug” eliminated from the system after 45 minutes. Discussion: The experiment has been completed and the results were recorded as accurately as possible. The results we obtained seemed to be in favor of the hypothesis we had set out initially. It seems to show that as time increased, the concentration of the “drug” left in the blood system decreased. It also shows that, the higher…

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  • Boyle's Law

    variables in controlled lab settings, to utilize these laws in new innovations such as ventilation systems, and to explain observed biological phenomenon like breathing. Boyle’s Law, the first of these gas laws, was published in 1662, and developed an inverse relationship between pressure and volume, provided that the temperature and the number of moles of gas remained constant.1 It is illustrated by the equation PV = k1, where…

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  • Two Industrial Variables

    Abstract: In this report, we want to determine whether there is a relationship between two industrial variables, X and Y, that would prove the importance for the company to achieve its maximum revenue and decide how to deal with its data and information. EMIC, a manufacturing company and plant, is equipped with state of the art and most recent can making technology to manufacture general line cans in different shapes and sizes plus a wide range of food packaging products. EMIC also provides…

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