Tidal Waves Lab Report

We discussed the mechanism of the tidal force with its impact on tidal flows. By analyzing the sum and difference of gravitational forces within the Earth-Moon-Sun system, we figured out the changes of tidal force made by stars’ changing positions. On the other hand, we also discussed the formation of tidal flows. Our approach shows how vertical and horizontal tidal forces causing the sea level fluctuations.
1. Introduction
The tides are a regular and predictable phenomenon caused by the gravitational attraction of the moon and the sun acting on the oceans of the rotating earth. Tidal flow affects the daily dynamics of ocean. In fact, it is the largest source of causing of sea level change besides wind and barometric pressure. The purpose of
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Another phenomenon I am planning to study is the movements of tidal flows. It helps me to understand the daily dynamics on ocean surface, and I am going to use first order linear ordinary differential equation to solve this problem. If we can understand the movement of waves caused by tidal flows, then we can avoid many potential dangers and make the ocean exploring more efficient. I firmly believe studying tides is absolutely important for future space and ocean exploration.
1.1 Positions of planets and tides
To analyze the creation of tidal force, we must find how gravitational forces from Sun and
Moon acting on Earth. For this part, I will apply difference equation to analyze the Sun-EarthMoon system, trigonometric functions play a big role here. I will demonstrate why positions of planets matter, and I will change their positions to see how angles between stars influence tidal force on Earth. In this section, I will also discuss Moon’s effect on tides specifically because it does influence the tidal force the most. Since tides have been discussed so many times by great minds in history, I will also try to add little uniqueness to it. I will try to analyze how a four planets
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I will analyze tidal periods, tidal range etc. Differential equation would be very helpful to see the change in certain time. In real life situation, there are things like high water, low water and tidal bulge needs to be analyze. On the other hand, I will also try to analyze the tidal flows in different locations. Since Earth is a sphere, tidal forces would act differently in different part of ocean.
2. Tidal force Tidal force is the force that causes tides on Earth. In this section, we are going to discuss the formation of tidal forces from gravitational attractions of planets within the Earh-Moon-Sun system and the influences made by stars’ constantly changing positions.
2.1 Formation of tidal forces The tidal force is a secondary effect of the force of gravity. As we know, gravity is a natural phenomenon by which all things with energy are brought toward one another, including stars, planets, galaxies and even light and sub-atomic particles (Halliday, D; Robert, R; Krane, k; 2001).
Newton’s Law states that one object can attract every other object in the universe. The mutual attractions between the Moon, the Earth and the Sun together can make an impact on objects on Earth’s surface, and this mutual attraction is the tidal

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