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  • The Importance Of Equity In Education

    As my field work at Carter Elementary comes to an end, I can honestly say that nothing better prepares you for working with children than doing just that. No matter how many hours I sit in UTSA’s lecture halls and classrooms, or study the socially just and proper way to respond to each situation, it will never be more beneficial that being in an actual kindergarten class for two hours a week. As we progressed in IDS 2013, I was eager to visit my students in Mrs. Ferguson’s class and witness what I had been learning about in action. I walked out of her class each day having been taught a valuable lesson and understanding myself as a teacher a little bit better. Since my field work was at the same time each week, I would almost always arrive…

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  • Student Retention Limitations

    the university after the course of each semester. Active Learning- Active learning will be defined as education through engagement of students versus traditional lectures (Kim, Sharma, Land, & Furlong, 2013). Freshman Seminar- Freshman seminar will be defined as a specific course taught by a team of faculty, such as librarians and advisers, students take upon their first year at a college or university that helps transition them from high school. Summary With roughly 25 percent of students not…

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  • Multiple Themes In The Pelican, By Edith Wharton

    This theme relates back to the title of how a mother pelican would feed her children blood from her chest so that they wouldn’t starve. The mother pelican demonstrates self-sacrifice for her young as the main character, Mrs. Amyot, shows throughout the story. Mrs. Amyot loves her son Lancelot so much that she studies hard to gain the knowledge to become a lecturer. She does this so that she can earn money to grant her son access to an education. Another theme that is shown during the short story…

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  • Flipping The Classroom Analysis

    Flipping the Classroom The biggest challenge I face as an instructor is keeping the attention of my millennial soldiers during lectures. The way I combat this problem is based on the active learning model known as “Flipping the Classroom.” Active learning refers to any instructional method that engages students in meaningful learning activities. It requires students to think about what they are doing and generally involves activities that are introduced in the classroom (Prince, 2004). The…

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  • Example Of A Narrative Essay On Sprinting

    orphanage: Wendy McGuire, 8, Jeremy Nichols, 11, and Samuel Allard, 8.” I drop the newspaper. I don’t fuck with haunted orphanages. That might be the last thing I fuck with. I run out of the office but forget which way to go. My instinct tells me left so I take it. And then another left. I find my way to the spelling room, but something catches my eye. I look at the chalkboard that displayed roughly seven words last time I checked. The only word on the board now is “help”. I turn to sprint down…

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  • Hallway Research Paper

    The hallway is lit by a single light attached to the middle of the popcorn ceiling. There used to be two lights but one bulb flickered and died leaving the hallway dim. The popcorn ceiling is picked off and gone in some spots, mostly around the light and close to the walls. There are also a few tan stains that are darker around the edges and lighter almost white as they go in. The stains might be water stains from who ever lived in the house before. The flooring in the hallway is a worn dark…

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  • Narrative Essay On The Dungeon

    quiet that comes with the snowfall when every living animal is hiding at home where it’s warm. The Dungeon looked like hell but felt like Heaven. This was one ritual that she didn’t understand the point of. There were many in her community, all of which had practical purposes. This one was one of the more ridiculous ones, sending children to this hallway and then not letting them out until they passed the criteria and were allowed back home. They had to wander these halls until the elders or…

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  • Highland Students Behavior

    exception. While the schools have many areas under control, the hallways at Highland and the cafeteria at Lacey are still an issue. By focusing on consistent adult interactions to uphold behavioral expectations, better hallway and cafeteria management will result for both Lacey Elementary and Highland High School. Student Characteristics, Issues, and Factors Most students at Highland and Lacey are very responsible. They know the expectations and act appropriately. While most would think…

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  • Analysis Of The Last Lecture By Randy Pausch

    Life is like a jarring mountain. Life will make you come across many curveballs and you will need to hit back. Randy Pausch repeatedly shows how he never gave up through the various aspects of his life in which he struggled. He always reached to places people have not and proved them wrong. This is very important millions of other people aiming to accomplish something prodigious. In the Last Lecture, Randy Pausch tries to convince us to believe that adversities happen and when they do, we must…

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  • A Complex Experience Essay

    I was walking with my friend to class when it happen. Before it happened, I noticed that I had seen no teachers or adults for that matter in the halls. When it happened, there was the sound of a large crash and the whole building shook like there was huge earthquake just under Badger. What happened? At first, I had no idea what happened until I looked out the window then I saw it. A huge glass dome had covered the entire school. Floods of students like moths to light ran outside to see what had…

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