Lounge Detail

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Lounge Detail

There are many situations that one can encounter where doing extra amounts of work, volunteering to stay longer, or charity work will go unrecognized. Many of these experiences generally go unrewarded which make an individual question why. Questioning why they spent their own personal time to do extra. If one does not see the fruits of their work despite putting in extra amounts of effort, their motivation decreases resulting in a feeling of emptiness. Though many may not realize it, sometimes doing more work than necessary is recognized not by the person you may intend but by those who are around. Although the rewards of such acts may not be immediately rewarded, there are much greater rewards in the long run.
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I generally stay and help out to clean, however, I noticed that the past few times I did lounge that not everyone from my platoon was present. This of course was extremely un-motivating to see. Thoughts like why am I here, putting in the extra effort to clean when I can be like everyone else and just leave. There was also no immediate reward or praise that followed so I felt like I was wasting my time. I am the type of person who like to finishes a task if it is given and finish what I started. Without any kind of reward I felt like the work I was putting in was meaningless. I was stuck, I really wanted to finish cleaning but at the same time I felt unappreciated and wanted to …show more content…
That week I decided to ditch like the few other people, thinking that there would be no harm since there were a few people present to clean. Little did I know that the day I decided to skip, there was an accountability check. The next meeting I was asked where I was for lounge detail yesterday. I thought that it was completely unfair considering the fact that I was never acknowledged for the many times I did stay but penalized for the one time I skipped. I gave an excuse and was let off the hook with a warning. It was because there was noticeably less people last lounge detail so that is why they confronted everyone and asked where they went. Though the person in charge was not there to see who was actually cleaning. Those around who were cleaning made a note self of who was present and doing what and that list was passed up to whoever was in

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