Relationship Between Culture And Me

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Culture and Me I believe that a person who has a little time to live will spend on things that make him or her happy. Each of us has own values, priorities, and experiences as a person so everyone also has different happiness in life. Thus, my peers would not spend their time similarly, including myself. I also believe that living in the world is not only how to enjoy yourself, but also to serve with God and other people. This is what God us wants to do: Love your neighbor, enemy and your Lord, and you will find internal happiness after life. My beliefs are influenced with the culture I grew up. If I have six months to live, I will use my time to improve my relationship to those people who are closed to me or not. I will spend all my days …show more content…
When I get up every morning, I want to prepare, cook and serve food for them. I will be their helper at any time; I can help doing chores, clean after their mess and go grocery shopping. I also want to give a manicure and pedicure to my parents, cousins, and aunties. As we are eating for a meal or watching a movie, I want to listen my family life experiences. While each of our life experiences are so different, I can learn from them to improve myself and grow as a better person even in a short time. I am doing these things so that my family, especially my parents will be happy, and remember and pray for me after I die.
Third, I want to have fun or help with my friends. During my free time, I will invite them to watch a movie or have a coffee. I stay in touch to those friends who are loyal to me, and I will continue to offer my help if they need me. Some of my friends have lost contact to me because we live in different cities. Whether in person or via technology, I will try my best to approach them and invite for a dinner if they have time for me. I am also willing to help when they encounter
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In the past, I have a few enemy and it hard to love those people who does t like you. I actually hold grudges toward if hate a person very much, but I learn to forget my hatred as the day passes by. In my short time, I am willing to change my attitude. I will invite them to come our house and have a lunch. If they are speaking to negatively, I will face and talk to them as if I am not mad. If they don’t life me, I will not show my face that I also them too.
Finally, I want to enjoy myself. Every day, I will cook my favorite foods, learn more about cooking, manicuring and pedicuring on Goodge. I will watch more movies on Netflix and YouTube, and learn how to swim. These things are my interest, and I will surely enjoy my life.
I really care how others remember me, but depends on the situations. If people remember me because I am good person, I will accept their appreciation and be thankful. If someone remembers me because of my bad experiences I really don’t care as long as he or she is not talking to me negatively. However, if a person remember and talk to me bad things, I will just shut up my mouth and leave him or her

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