Personal Narrative Essay: My Dream Car

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Jose Garcia D
English Honors 10
Period 5
October 30,2017
In my near future, I hope to accomplish many things make my future better. My Favorite dream vehicle is a Jeep Wrangler. When I was a little boy I was very fascinated when they passed by on the road. It fits my style, it’s classic,sport, and stylish. I’m going to work towards my dream car , save up my money and work a good job to be able to achieve my goal in getting my dream car.
My family is everything to me. I am one of six siblings in my family. I’m the youngest ,but I’m tall as my older brother. I was raised in a home, where my father taught us taught us that your siblings,are your best friends.They will always have your back and help you in time of need. Sure, I fight with
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I wear contacts now because I got tired of wearing glasses.for as long as I remember, I’ve always had glasses since the age of seven years old. I’ve always had bad sight so wearing glasses has helped me alot, but don't get me wrong wearing glasses is a nightmare. I’m not able to wear normal sunglasses when it’s super sunny outside because I’ll probably run into a pole or something. Glasses have also messed me up in the sport, I’m not able to play sports without those special “big glasses” that make me look so ridiculous. Also, I want to say two months ago I made the decision to get contacts because I was tired of being so uptight about my glasses. In the future, I want to get the laser eye surgery to help get my eyesight back to normal rate because I’m blind as a …show more content…
I want to graduate high school and go off to college. In my future, I also want to get married and have children. I see myself working really hard for my dreams and future because I know how hard it is going through like without a good paying job. I have seen how hard my parents struggled. I come from two immigrant’s parents, both born and raised in Mexico, and both not knowing a word of English. My father has always told me stories of how he struggled to cross the border, though the dessert, how life was really rough for him. I see that as a inspire because how my dad struggled to give me a better life than he had, and how he wants to see me shine in my life. I want to make my dad proud and go after my dreams and work hard in my life to get to my goals.
Money makes the world go around. Money is what makes us want to work at good job’s. To me, money is important, of course, family,health,and friends are the important, but money also. I have seen how people treat someone without money or someone who doesn’t have the cleanest shoes or clothes because they don’t have money. To me, I want to make good money so I can live well and help my father young because he’s worked all his life. Money helps me get what I want and helps me and my

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