Social Work: My Path To My Interest In Child Welfare

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Introduction As it pretends to my interests in child welfare, there are a lot of reason why I picked this branch in Social Work. Throughout the whole broad range of Social Work the one passion of mine is child welfare. When learning of child welfare I heard the good and the bad. The different types of people I will meet. It can deter some, because you do not know what you could get yourself into. Nevertheless I see child welfare as a desire of mine I want to continue, and contribute to in the program. When I have a mindset on something I do not want to quit. I keep on working at it. Push myself to be a better person. I think everyone should have an experience in child welfare, just to get a better understanding of it.
Pathway to Social Work In the beginning before I was a major in Social Work I did not know what I wanted to do in life. Back home in high school I was just getting by manly focusing on graduating. College at the time was the least of my worries. Around my junior year I still had no clue on what I wanted to do when I grow up. However my demeanor soon changed when a traumatic loss happened I had to go through. My uncle Owen passed away while fight with cancer. It hit my family really hard, because we are not a big one. We are all close with each other, so
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Child welfare basically continues a passion of mine when it comes to working with children. I love working with them, because of their innocence. Children are positive at a stage where they are not socialized to think negatively. I am a person who always try to think positive. The reason why children and I click so well. In child welfare I want to use the skills I have learned to help children and families. I live by a motto reach one teach one. What it means reaching out to a person let them know you have their back. Teach them about life lesson, and how to be a productive person in

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