Personal Narrative Essay: The Roller Coaster

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There was no time for a break, we were off to the next one. By “one”, I mean roller coaster, but this wasn’t just any other roller coaster, this was the Dragster. The record breaking, rapid and towering Dragster which was located at the amusement park Cedar Point, in Ohio. I watched my friends walk briskly in front of me anticipating the next thrill. We were walking with Baylee in front, Abby following her, Tiffany next, Megan after her, and Alyssa dragging behind with me. All of us were suited in shorts, t-shirts and good walking shoes. Turning to Alyssa, I saw she looked about as weary as me, and I motioned to her that we should probably start speeding up before we lost our companions. Amusement parks were not my thing. I could do without …show more content…
It was soaring tall against the dark, cloudy sky. Megan insisted that we should take a picture in front of it, so I turned around and asked a lady behind us if she would please do so. My victim said yes and we lined up in picture formation. While we took the picture, the wind ensured that I ate half of Abby’s hair, who was standing beside me. Surprisingly, the picture turned out decent and we were soon off once again with a more direct goal, find the line to the Dragster. One who has ever been to an amusement park knows that this is no simple task.
Finding the line tested my patience, it made me wonder if this one excursion was worth the nausea and the fear that this roller coaster would entail. I had heard of this hunk of metal, constructed to look like a racecar, and knew that it would certainly test my courage. The Dragster was recorded as 120 mph, the third fastest roller coaster in the world, and had the highest peak in the park. Its slope went straight up and then led right back down. Despite it being a somewhat short ride, this did nothing to quell the fear rising up in my belly threatening me to turn
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A buzzer rang and the gates clicked open as the last riders filed out of the deathtrap. All of us walked to the cars with wobbly legs, got situated in the car and buckled in. I turned around to catch Abby’s eyes crazed with excitement behind me, I turned back around facing the front and saw Baylee looking back at me with an evil smirk on her face. Time officially stood still. Quietly, I sighed under my breath,
“I don’t think I can do this.” However, just as I said this the spiritless roller coaster attendant strapped me in permanently ensuring I couldn’t back out. After the attendants strapped everyone in, they did their whole spiel on how we were going to have a great time, but the words muddled in my mind as I was more focused on breathing. The car moved onward and screeched at us as if in warning. Then suddenly the car stopped, I’m pretty sure just to spite us. I noticed then that to the right of us was a tall, black metal tower lit with the numbers three, two and one. It was going to count down. The three lit up. I glanced over at Megan with a look of dread only to see her freaking out just as much as me. Number two lit up and I heard Baylee give an ecstatic “Whoop” from in front of me. One lit up and Abby replied to Baylee with a yell that sounded like a battle

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