Rollercoaster-Personal Narrative

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Sometimes in life, one has to take chances. I was not sure of that until I strapped myself down in the scariest rollercoaster at Six Flags Fiesta amusement park. My heart was running a marathon as the ride climbed to the peak. My sweaty palms were glued on the back of a passenger’s headrest. My life was depending on it. My friend, Odina, was laughing beside me the whole time; she did not know how worried and anxious I was about this devastating rollercoaster. It is called the Iron Rattler, and it stood at a height of one hundred-eighty feet tall. The other passengers were energized with excitement, anxiety, and fear. I felt uncomfortable getting on the rollercoaster because I thought I was going to die. I thought maybe the rollercoaster would fall …show more content…
I got comfortable with the rollercoaster as if I became one with it. I waved my arms up high enjoying the crazy loops and turns. The rollercoaster went inside of a dark cave that blinded everyone. Water splashed on us like an atomic bomb as we exited the cave. Maybe this rollercoaster was not so bad after all. When the ride officially came to a halt, I was amazed on how much fun I had. My negative thoughts about the Iron Rattler were erased for good.
“Told you it was not bad you big baby”, Odina laughed.
As a matter of fact, she was right. I learned to live life without thinking about the bad things. That was the best day of the summer I experienced. I desperately wanted to ride the Iron Rattler again. We were going to eat, but I was able to convince Odina for round two. Sometimes in life, one has to take chances. I was not sure if it was true, but it was after all. I was glad to take that opportunity to experience a wild, fun rollercoaster and got over my fears. I felt accomplished that I got over my fears. This day made me want to travel on a journey to ride the scariest rollercoasters the world has to

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